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August 2021 Youth Commission - Shared screen with speaker view
Ann Grabowski - SJPL (she/her)
Anaiy Somalwar - D6 (he/him)
Schools I mentioned: Mathson Middle School and Caesar Chavez Elementary School of the Alum Rock School District. I have been in correspondence with Principal Vince Iwasaki and Principal Julio Villalobos, who have both emphasized the need for data usage plans.
Ann Grabowski - SJPL (she/her)
Thanks Commissioner Somalwar. Alum Rock is one of the largest recipients of City-funded hotspots. I'll follow-up with the District and those schools to ensure we don't have any barriers to access. Appreciate the prompt!
Citywide Commissioner Ghosh (she/her)
Vision: To equitably connect, serve, empower, and support San Jose youth of all backgrounds.Mission: Uniting as an informed, connected, and engaged body of San Jose youth.