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Kara McLaughlin, she/her
Here is the document I mentioned during my presentation: NORTHAMPTON PREVENTION COALITIONEvaluation Report:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OQbsU-2gyR1cKHR0YI1PwHqDN-W4EQCH/view?usp=sharing
Dear Northampton Board of Heath,
Is no one willing to take a stance against the mandates on the basis of prior infection? Natural immunity has been rigorously studied recently, allowing great insight regarding our immune system's robust response to the virus and the superior immunity that it confers over that of the vaccine! How do you plan to follow the science if exemptions are not made for unvaccinated covid survivors? Forcing our neighbors to get vaccinated and undergo the clear risks of adverse side effects despite having already faced the virus is morally questionable and will most certainly have negative health and legal consequences.
This is the first time in history that a medicine's effectiveness is being blamed on those who choose not to take it. A mandate like this will divide our community. This vaccine was created in less than one year and we have no long term data regarding its side effects. If by some remote possibility there are long term side effects (like cancer, neurological disorders, or any type of disease), then we are literally condemning our entire society to a premature end if we mandate the vaccine.
Warm Regards,Jess Carey & Lon Goodman
I agree with Jesse. The vaccines are to help prevent individuals from getting seriously ill. They do not prevent spread. Even Fauci said that the viral load is the same and so is the spread. We also do not know the long term potential dangers.
I also agree with Jesse that natural immunity which is now known to be stronger than in those who are vaccinated needs to be considered.
I am wondering if the BOH would be interested in a recently published peer reviewed article in the European Journal, Clinical Epidemiology where spread was studied in highly vaccinated countries and found that vaccines did not prevent spread. This being known, why are we focusing on vaccinated versus unvaccinated? The reason people get vaccinated is to prevent severity of symptoms. We now know that vaccines do not stop spread.
I have read a very broad spectrum of source material of natural immunity and likewise, I have gone over the statistical analysis of many of the articles published by the CDC and the FDA and have found their agenda suspect. For example, I find the sample group of less than 200 people, with regard to the their august paper, in which they concluded that unvaccinated covid survivors are more at risk than vaccinated people that have not had covid, a gross example of sampling error. They had access to a phenomenally rich pool of data from which to draw from on this particular issue and they chose to follow only 153 people!!! Recent studies have over 53,000 individuals and clearly have shown natural immunity superior to the vaccine!
Hey guys, shall we protest these great breaches of freedom “VIRTUALLY”???
If we concede to small concessions of personal freedom to a targeted population, this will set precedence toward similar steps down a slippery slope for everyone!
Agreed with Jesse that is
I would also like to suggest outdoor heating for those who would still prefer to eat outdoors