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Tina Kotek candidate meeting with CACO - Shared screen with speaker view
Sue Hildick
Thanks Speaker Kotek. The original vision for the Oregon Cultural Trust was to fund it by the sale of public lands in addition to the tax credit. The original vision from Ben Westland was $200 m. That has not come to fruition but Oregonians have contributed through the tax credit and helped build the corpus of $30m. Spending the interest across the state would be specifically for operations vs. projects.
Christine DArcy
Yes, that's correct. The land sales were to be a big part of the revenue. That concept did not work out as planned - and Ben Westlund passed away, leaving us without a major champion.
Charlene Larsen Partners for the PAC -Astoria
We are unique with the Oregon Cultural Trust and tax credit program.
Sue Hildick
will you have designated staff on this issue?