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Global Victoria x AustCham ASEAN: Australian Business in ASEAN Survey 2021 webinar and panel discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
Trent Davies
If anyone wants to touch base re: Vietnam, please do! Trent Davies, Senior Director VGTI Vietnam. Email - trent.davies@global.vic.gov.au
Nick Graham
What is necessary to get Australian firms to truely consider trading/investing in ASEAN? Constant talk, but still seems to be too low a level of activity. Are they scared? Too busy @ home? Don't know there are markets overseas?
Simon Moran
Australian firms seek skilled and experienced staff on the ground and in market if not also co-investors in each market to facilitate ownership confidence. This means Expats are the key to opening avenues of commerce for Australian firms. What is the plan to reach out to regain the confidence of expats in these markets ?
Carli Renzi
I'm not sure that Australians with business overseas during COVID would feel well supported by the Govt. Less about FTAs and more about the border controls, tax changes etc
Peter Fanning
The hinterland south of Jakarta is full of the wreckage a village-based dairy industry which was tried during the Soeharto era. Jakarta people beg for fresh milk. Yes this industry failed. I have no idea why. (Do not attempt to answer this question - I simply note that the market here does not follow expected trends).
Peter Fanning
Thanks all.
Judy Anderson
Terrific session, thanks all, well done.
Well done - thank you!
Danielle Lockey
Thanks al
Sisavuthara Sim
Thank you all!
Michael Fay
Thanks All