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MCCOA General Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kevin Colgate ESCOM Lifelong Learning
Looks good
Jody Timms
When will the County EV Readiness Plan be available? I'm on Fairfax Climate Action Committee and it's overdue…
jane gould
How do you see the rise in gas prices impacting your agency or impacting travel patterns?
Lisa Brinkmann
How does the average cost per passenger compare with other areas around the Bay Area and what is the per rider cost goal?
Zoom 3
In the Revenue pie chart, is the 13% labeled “property tax” referring to funds coming from the Marin County general fund or is that a dedicated property tax for transit?
Lisa Brinkmann
And is there any thoughts to funding organizations like Marin and Sausalito Village which provide hundred of rides a month?
Jenay Cottrell-Area Agency on Aging
Thanks Robert for your presentation & update on WM efforts!
Carol Taylor
Re Robert’s slide # 10 - what does Fixed Route minus 10% mean? Is that 90% recovery of previous ridership? I must be misunderstanding.
Sybil Boutilier
how much of the additional cost for passenger is due to the increase in gas price as opposed to passenger use?