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SOLA Giving Day 2022: Participant Registration Training - Shared screen with speaker view
jeanne solis
Bonjour y’all!
Mitzi LaSalle
Great Morning Everyone
Constance Guthrey
Can video be shared with others on our team if they do not have an email listed on the registration?
Tanya Campbell
The recording of this training will be posted on www.solagivingday.org following the training for anyone to view.
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Hello everyone! Happy to be here.🙂
Nancy Kritikos
What name will be attached to the ACH transfers? I need to alert my finance team so they can recognize the payments. Thanks.
Clarice Gallegos
Will we get email address from our donors?
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Hi all! Working through your questions now 🙂You will be able to see your donor’s email address, as well as other information about their gift. We may not have time at the end to show each of the available fields, but will try to do so! What you can do in the meantime is follow the steps on this support article to download and view an empty report to see what fields will appear! https://support.givegab.com/en/articles/357773-how-can-i-download-a-report-of-my-organization-s-donations
Angelle Adams
When payments are received, will the ACH say "Stripe" or GiveGab?
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Regarding the deposit to your organizations bank account, it will appear as “Stripe” or “GiveGab”. I’m confirming which now!
Marietta Puckett
no pay pal?
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Nancy and Angelle: Confirmed with my team, donation payouts will show up as “GiveGab.com” on your bank account statement.
Constance Guthrey
who pays 3%
Marietta Puckett
can we download this text later?
Amy Trahan
How much is the registration fee?
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Hi Constance! The fee is charged on each donation. Donors have the option to cover this fee in the last step of the checkout process. Historically, about 75% of donors (and often even more) decide to cover the fees on behalf of your organization. For those that do not, the deposit into your account will be the “net” amount after fees are calculated on that gift.
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Marietta - a pdf of the slides and the Zoom recording will be available here: https://www.solagivingday.org/info/trainings
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Amy, the fee is based on your organization size, as Merlin is mentioning now. You can find more info on the FAQ’s page as well: https://www.solagivingday.org/info/faq
Clarice Gallegos
Can you have a back up contact
Community Foundation of Acadiana
Yes, Clarice, you will be able to add additional org administrators to your profile.
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Here’s a support article with steps to add more administrators, Clarice! https://support.givegab.com/en/articles/395939-how-do-i-add-an-administrator-to-my-organization
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Pro Tip: Watch the “Creating the Perfect Profile” and “Telling Your Story” trainings here for more tips and strategic guidance on using the platform tools: https://www.solagivingday.org/info/trainings
Nancy Kritikos
Are there visual resources available to us? Things like the SOLA Giving Day logo formatted for web, email, social, etc.
Community Foundation of Acadiana
@Nancy - yes! We will be providing a toolkit with logos and other social files that can be used to create content specific to your organization and campaign!
Nancy Kritikos
Yes, I just heard! Thanks.
Marietta Puckett
confused whether matches need to be routed thru CFA or not?
Community Foundation of Acadiana
They do not, Mariette! Organizations will be responsible for securing matching funds and they can go directly to the org. We will ask the org admins to submit those matching forms so we are aware of the match and can add it to the organization's SOLA profile
Mindy Hetzel
Where do you go to update your story once you are registered?
Community Foundation of Acadiana
Funds do not have to flow through CFA though unless they are coming from a CFA Donor Advised Fund or the donor would prefer to set it up that way
Community Foundation of Acadiana
@Mindy, you can update your story by logging into your profile via www.solagivingday.org. There's a menu dropdown with a login option
jeanne solis
Is there a date for a follow-up SOLa training?
jeanne solis
Merci! hope we all generate some donations. :-)
Angelle Adams
Thank y'all so much!
Kate Labue
Thanks to all, enjoyed it. How will you alert as to follow up trainings? by the end of this, she will be Laryssa A-bear
Laryssa Hebert - GiveGab
Haha Yes!
Clarice Gallegos
Thanks great presentation