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Hiring Foreign Workers Info Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Dale Colbran
How does Yukon hospitality hire a TFW for seasonal?
TIA Yukon
Hi Dale. Thank you for your question. We will be taking questions at the end.
We received a LMIA approval for an overseas applicant at the beginning of January 2022. He is still waiting for his visa to be processed. What are the current processing times for visas?
Sonnet Espino
Is there any way to make an employer stay in the province. as some Yukon nominees as soon as they get their permanent residence leaves the province. Thus the employer would again be short staffed and again need to go through another application process and spend money yet again for an applicant that is not sure will stay after getting their permanent residency.
TIA Yukon
Thanks for your questions everyone. We unfortunately do not have time to answer more questions. You will find contact information in the slideshow which will be posted on our website in the events section later today.
Margit Aguilar
Thank you so much
TIA Yukon
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Stephanie Chevalier
Hello I am going to log off all attendants who don’t have a meeting planned right now. If you are meeting later this afternoon, please log back in at the time of your meeting, and I will let you in as soon as the agents are available.