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Refugee Week Webinar: LGBTQI Inclusion in Settlement - Shared screen with speaker view
cassandra best
Yaama from Gadigal land
Sandra Wright
Hi all - please feel free to place questions in the Q&A box or in the chat box. We'll have time for Q&A at the end, and will come to questions after all the speakers :)
Sheetal Challam
The Cancer Institute NSW has provided a partnership grant to ACON to improve screening participation in national screening programs. We are very interested in extending this to LGBTI CALD communities.
Anthony Scerri (he, him, his)
Frank Mathisen
Any tips on how to engage with CALD communities that traditional are not open to LGBTIQIA+, about these topics?
Sheetal Challam
Sorry I have to leave for another meeting. Great panelists - Thanks Sandra for organising.
Henrietta Podgorska
Henrietta Podgorska
the link to the frameworks
Frank Mathisen
Thanks Henrietta
Tina Dixson, she/her, FDPN
www.fdpn.org.au we provide training on LGBTIQ+ inclusion that is underpinned by the lived experience and bring together cultural and migration lenses together with LGBTIQ+ inclusion.please get in touch with us admin@fdpn.org.au
Frank Mathisen
Any tips on how can we find LGBTQI+CALD speakers that are willing to talk about their experiences?
Tina Dixson, she/her, FDPN
Data is important. But it is equally important that your service provides an inclusive service regardless whether you know if your client is Lgbtiq or not. For example, do not assume a woman has a husband, have gender neutral bathrooms, ask people which pronouns they use; do not assume when a woman is using a health service she is pregnant; ask people where they want to be housed Both in terms of the suburb and in terms of the gender of people sharing the dwelling with them. These are just few basic things
Tina Dixson, she/her, FDPN
Kathryn, sex recorded at birth, gender that a person identifies now. Use the language of partners to make sure that your patient feels included
Tina Dixson, she/her, FDPN
Such a fantastic point Henrietta!
Tina Dixson, she/her, FDPN
https://fdpn.org.au/queer-displacements/ these are the findings frm community in Australia