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Enemy #5: Just Go Innovate Something! - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Prishtina
Welcome everyone! We’ll get started soon!
Jennifer Prishtina
Announcement: We’re currently recruiting for the Holodeck Accelerator -- a 3-month innovation boot camp geared toward helping innovators rapidly develop their concepts.If you’re an innovator working on a concept of your own OR if you’re a POC leading innovation projects, let’s talk: https://www.productableaf.com/holodeck-accelerator-sign-up
Jennifer Prishtina
I think you can go ahead and get started, Tyler!
Jennifer Prishtina
Feel free to put any questions that come to mind here in chat. We'll try to answer as many of them as we can during Q&A.
Jennifer Prishtina
(And, yes, you can send questions directly to “panelists” if you want to remain incognito.)
Jennifer Prishtina
Rachel — no questions. Use these:
Jennifer Prishtina
What do I do if I’m an innovator - not in leadership - and asked to just innovate?
Jennifer Prishtina
What do if I’m not given resources?
Jennifer Prishtina
How do you recommend handling problems or opportunity areas where there are lots of unknowns, so you can’t really provide good definition around them?
Jennifer Prishtina
What should we do if we don't have the expertise for great process?
Jamey Shuls
What recommendations do you have on how much info and what format to communicate to leadership? Said another way: How do we reduce the burden of update briefs that pull you away from innovating?
Jennifer Prishtina
Rachel, you could chime in about finding a champion.
Jamey Shuls
Institutionalize Productable across the AF … force stakeholders to use it and not allow for creation of separate briefing products. Needs top down push :).
Jennifer Prishtina
We like the sound of that, Jamey! :)
Jennifer Prishtina
Our next webinar with industry thought leader, Janice Fraser, is about Enemy #6: When the Slickest Sales Pitch Wins the Resource.Register for our upcoming webinars here: https://www.productableaf.com/air-force-webinars.
Amanda Burks
thank you guys!!!!