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Meet the Minister: The Hon Jacinta Allan MP, Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop - Shared screen with speaker view
Bernardo Lopes Tobias
Thank you, Minister for your (massive) efforts with the Rail Loop and for all critical infrastructure works that make Victoria's Big Build. The complexities of this undertaking are tremendous. Our Food Rescue vehicles depend on our roads, tunnels and infrastructure to effectively continue to reduce waste and provide nourishments to struggling Victorians. On behalf of OzHarvest, thank you.
410 - Pheris Edelis
Question for the Minister: Would SRL and MTM be operated/managed by the same operator?
Rachel Fowler, Beca
410 - Pheris Edelis
My next question is relating to the Minister's comment around the integration of cycling infrastructure and public transport network, would this include end-of-trip facility at each station? addition to network integration? thank you
410 - Pheris Edelis
Thank you
Clive Dwyer, Committtee for Melbourne
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