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Renewable Energy in Shropshire - mapping report and discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
dave green - big Solar/Sharenergy/STCE
when will the maps be published?
Patrick McCarthy
Has this been supported by T&W council
will there be instructions on operating the map function
Dan Wrench, SC
At the bottom of Shropshire Council's home page (https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/) is a maps symbol that takes you to the maps gallery. The energy maps are on the second page of maps
jon Bitterley PC
DebCairns - ZCS & E4environment Ltd
Thanks Dan - got it now.
jon Bitterley PC
Sorry can you put that in terms of maximum GW capacity required as solar and wind are not baseload
jon Bitterley PC
Please can you tell us the GW capacity we need not GWHr
Dan Wrench, SC
The XLinks project is scheduled to come online in 2027 and supply 8% of UK's demand. Has this been factored in? https://electrek.co/2021/09/27/the-worlds-longest-subsea-cable-will-send-clean-energy-from-morocco-to-the-uk/
Mark Sullivan
A lot of assumptions and many figures which would need careful review and checking. Not possible to assess these quantitative calculations without review by specialists in electricity supply and the grid.
Dan Wrench, SC
A good YouTube talk here about it: https://youtu.be/iJunxkln578
Alexander Newport Bradford Estates
Might there also be an opportunity to export to the Black Country and Birmingham as they are constrained due to population density?
Anna Bright: SWM
Was the analysis done by Encraft for the Marches Energy Strategy which looked at grid constraints used in your analysis?
can we focus on talk.
jon Bitterley PC
So the question is what provides Shropshire with its power for 90% of the time solar is not and 80% when wind is not for Shropshire to remain 100% zero carbon
Anna Bright: SWM
Dave - is the study from MEA you mentioned published please? Thanks.
Mark Fermor ZCS
In response to question on what provides the power when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing - This study looked at the generation we need for ZCS, but did not consider how we store that energy. Energy storage and balances of supply and demand are a big topic that with a national grid we can consider more broadly, including eg nuclear base load, batteries, storage reservoirs etc etc
jon Bitterley PC
What about micro and pico hydro on many of our rivers to give baseload- where are the studies of this potential with in Shropshire carbon neutral
Mike Watkins BC CAP
The BC Heat & Wind Heat Network project is struggling to get into the draft Neighbourhood Plan (despite Town Council approval). As applies with housing, we need a County Council policy that imposes the development of renewable energy on Town & Parish councils.
Gordon Coppock Marches
There are studies showing the viability of using both Wind and Sun across a UK typical year to show that the energy from both sources complement one another Winter/Summer. Of course there will be occasional gaps but this % variation is still small relative to the total energy usage. Energy storage of some form will improve the situation. However if these energy differences are within the present day/night energy demand difference then its not much difference to the operational grid levels that are managed every day at present.
Lyn Antill - CSTC
Will we have copies of the slides? Reocrding of the meeting?
Gordon Coppock Marches
One thing so far not mentioned is the urgent need to engage with the local community in order to ensure acceptance and support from the majority rather than the knee jerk rejection we have experienced in the past in this region. Therefore supporting the Big Solar CoOp type of approach that allows local residents to be shareholders in energy generation. The results that Dave G is just discussing from BC are heartening but we need to do it across the county and Marches. So its geographical , legal and planning, electricity grid and community co operation that are all needed. I should say that I am also working on Big Solar CoOp projects in this region.
Lorna Taylor SCC/ SSCA
jon Bitterley PC
how do you put your hand up
Dan Wrench, SC
There's an interesting scheme to map existing power generation using OpenStreetMaps framework here: https://openinframap.org/#10.12/52.8905/-1.5871/L,P,S,W . It might be useful to work with them
David Luckhurst
Has anyone any knowledge of a 'run-of-river' type hydro installations. I've often thought of our (small) River Kemp with a tethered, FLOATING hydro unit (to avoid issues of flood conditions, with mesh intake to safeguard water life, a funnel intake (Venturi effect, increasing power) and a helical blade inside. Could that work on a larger scale? You could have a line of them close to an electricity user. Dave
dave green - big Solar/Sharenergy/STCE
dave L, I looked into this last year couldn't find anything in run of river hydro that's worth installing..
Lorna Taylor SCC/ SSCA
Re green hydrogen - a proportion of the A49 HGV traffic is from a small number of non-Shropshire companies which could be ‘targeted’ to increase Chris’s figures.
dave green - big Solar/Sharenergy/STCE
Thanks Chris, a very useful & interesting seminar..
Gordon Coppock Marches
Useful report , well done
David Luckhurst
Big thank you to all involved, particularly Chris Deaves and Natalie. Excellent afternoon. Dave L
Stuart Fisher Hollinswood and Randlay PC
very good session thanks very much to all.
Sue Taylor
Well done, it was good to be at the beginning of better things to come
Dan Widdon
Was the map link Dan Wrench mentioned get shared? https://shropshire.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=e3b884cadead4965a0462242a1bc62c0