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CAFE TAC Skills Identification Discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
Elise Padilla
Elise Padilla
John Ferrone
"Career Objective"... To join a company that allows me to leverage my skills and be part of an amazing team.
John Ferrone
1992 resume... haha
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Wow, 30 years!
John Ferrone
My resume chunks information and provides titles for the chunks. For example... Identity, Profile, Skills Summary. For Identity, it's a two-line statement that cuts to the chase about who I am professionally. Profile gives me an opportunity to summarize myself using 4 or 5 sentences. The Skills Summary is a list of key skills in paragraph form (so it doesn't take up a lot of space). This structure allows me to highlight/reorder/reword my content to align with the job I am pursuing. Below these three sections I list some of my key experiences that are relevant to the role I am applying for.
John Ferrone
I think anyone can learn soft skills... but that doesn't mean they will excel at them.
John Ferrone
A person wired to be a salesperson will have amazing soft skills and be successful at sales. Someone who is not wired that way but who wants to be in sales can practice the soft skills but will have a harder time at sales--which just means that he or she must figure out how to leverage their strengths to be a great salesperson.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
John Ferrone
Good question, Jeremy. Another way to answer it is to consider that most job postings have a set of duties, responsibilities, etc. in the job description. Usually, you have to read that list and interpret that list in terms of skills and abilities. Very often, job seekers dismiss themselves as a viable candidate because they say, "Oh, I've never done that." But, like Elise said earlier, the transferrable skill will allow you to learn to quickly do that specific thing, and that's the statement you should make when you apply.
John Ferrone
What suggestions can we offer with respect to helping a person explore their confidence, and to build their confidence?
John Ferrone
One thing I can suggest is that a person first write short stories about their skill/talent and where they used it, then learn the story, and then look in the mirror and practice telling the story outloud... find your voice. Then, when you're comfortable with that, ask a family member or friend to listen to your story--get comfortable (which is a form of confidence) telling your story outloud to someone else, and do this before your interview. The interview should NOT be the first place you are telling your story outloud.
Etsegenet M Teodros
Thank you!!!
Anup Sharma
Thank you so much!! I learned a lot in this session!! Appreciate what you're doing!!