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Time to Let Go of the Shame, Blame, and the Social Measuring Stick - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Feel free to post your questions and comments here in the chat!
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Feel free to post a question or comment here, or jump into the conversation.
Robyn Priest
Thank you for this discussion. I have to head out
John Ferrone
eggshells... a very familiar feeling. Did anyone experience the "trap" of not wanting to do/say the wrong thing for fear of it leading to a suicide attempt? That was paralyzing for me.
Debbie Saenz
Sometimes our own fear, frustration and helplessness can cause us to think about how maybe our family would be better off without us...we need to remember to care for ourselfves as well as our family.
Debbie Saenz
It is also important for our families to see us as a whole person who has dreams. hopes, fears and etc. and not just the "authority" figure that they see....
Debbie Saenz
Yeah...good old mommy guilt...
Debbie Saenz
Thank you so much for this platform where we can share...I have another meeting and have to go.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Thanks for being here