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2022 Annual CCAO Practitioners' Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Debra Tucker
For completely vacant buildings, appraisers have difficulty providing an appraised value. As such, is it appropriate for the appraiser to appraise the property as if fully occupied and then apply the 40% vacancy discount in accordance with the Assessor's new vacancy policy or is it required that the appraiser come up with an appraised value assuming the property is completely vacant?
Debra Tucker
To clarify, it is NOT necessary to have an appraisal each year in the trieenial?
Cook County Assessor's Office
Please leave any questions in the Q&A box.
Cook County Assessor's Office
The 2022 appeal rules are available online here: https://www.cookcountyassessor.com/official-appeal-rules-cook-county-assessor
Hiren Shah
When filing an residential appeal, I usually provide comparables in an PDF that is attached along with information for those comparables. Should we be doing something else as in the 2021 session, I noticed a significant portion of properties significantly overvalued were not granted a reduction.
Heidi Ward
When filing Senior Freeze or Senior exemptions especially with those that were lost how long is the turn around time to fix