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Town Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Wes Devoe
Please speak about the Library. What is going on with all the emails?
Tom Shaginaw
I recognize that there's no privilege of the floor at an agenda meeting, so I've lowered my hand..
Tom Shaginaw
The Library appreciates the community support and is happy to have received hopeful indications from the Town this afternoon... we promise to keep the public regularly informed of progress and resolution. The Library is willing to talk to the public about the path forward as well.
Tom Shaginaw
The next public meeting of the Library Board of Trustees is tomorrow night... in person or Zoom - 7 pm.. details on the Library website.
Wes Devoe
Would it be possible to look at repairing the Fisshing Pier and walkway instead of replacing the whole structure. At least in short term - It sounds to me like if we go the MJ approach - The pier will not be usable this year
Eric Connolly