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CLF HealthScore webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrew Seeder
Hey everyone, waiting a couple minutes for people to arrive.
Andrew Seeder
Hey everyone, waiting a couple minutes for people to arrive.
Kirby Burkholder
Is there a cap on cohort size (number of organizations)? Is there a cost to participate?
Jessica Standiford
Hi! we are currently looking more closely at how we can evaluate and measure racial equity outcomes in our lending. we need more education in this area. will we be touching on racial equity from an impact data/measurement perspective in this training?
Andrew Seeder
Kirby -- there is no cost to participate, aside from the time requirements to participate. There is not a cap on the number of cohort members, but if we have a lot of interest, then we will break out the cohort into teams of ~8-10
Andrew Seeder
Jessica -- Yes, absolutely, we will be discussing racial equity in this work and how to implement a racial equity lens into the impact measurement frameworks. We will be speaking from our own experience revising HealthScore and the discussions we've had with our grassroots partners.
How much of the CHFA scorecard is based data versus qualitative aspects? How did they address causality?
Lynne Wallace (she/hers)
thank you!