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Insight Vacations - 2022 Traveler Showcase - Shared screen with speaker view
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Thank you again for joining us this morning! If you have any questions throughout the presentation today, please use this chat box to enter in your questions. We will answer questions at the end of the presentation.
Carol Duncan
Will we be able to view at another time? I have to jump off, regrettably.
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Carol - not a problem. The presentation recording will be available a little later today. You can find it at www.aaa.com/travelershowcase.
Carol Duncan
Awesome! Thank you :)
AAA Oregon/Idaho
You're very welcome. Thanks for joining and have a great day!
Yukiko Hirota-Jones
no sound to presentation. it stopped.
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Yukiko - I'm sorry you're having audio issues. I would suggest closing the presentation and then clicking on the link you used to join again. Hopefully that will fix the issue.
Yukiko Hirota-Jones
fixed now.
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Excellent! Sorry about that. Got to love technology! Haha
Meredith Mason
Can you please give us some examples of the itineraries of the Easy Pace tours?
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Meredith - your AAA Travel Agent has a full list of Insight Vacations Easy Pace Tours that they would be happy to share with you. I will have AAA contact information available on my next screen.
Jon Kimball
Will you discuss the cancellation policy if a trip needs to be cancelled for medical reasons?