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Discussion of Recently Approved Driver's License Legislation - Shared screen with speaker view
steve kropper
Mass offers drivers license learners test in 26 languages
Dolores Boogdanian
To pass the drivers test, one must be able to interpret the signs' meanings, whether written in English or not
Criminals can and have gotten fake passports and that is one of the documents required under this new law. A good example is the Saudi 911 terrorists who entered with fake passports, got licenses and were able to get around to commit their terror. Ilan Omar got her brother into this country by illegally marrying him. There have been many cases where people get married for the convenience of getting credentials. If these people have already broken the law by coming here, they are going to do whatever is needed to be able to get an ID to do whatever they want. I don't see any stopgaps to prevent this, do you?
Don't make Fentanyl deaths easier.
What happens if an illegal who gets a license doesn't have a car and drives another person's car who has dropped their insurance or has lost their registration and gets into an accident? We suffer the costs of that for possibly physical injuries plus the costs of damaged vehicles. How do you rectify this?
What about the corrupt Registry people. We had a case in Watertown where an employee was providing false documents to people with bribe payments. What about the Brockton office that wasn't doing the driving tests? How many more cases are out there that we don't know about? The Registry has proven they are not up to the tasks at hand. Adding to their workload is not going to add to any efficiencies. What do you have to say about this?
Protect election integrity.
steve kropper
But discerning treatment of illegals in certain circumstances is appropriate. So visibility would be good.
Dolores Boogdanian
In protecting election integrity, let's all focus on elected officials actively working to disenfranchise American citizens from voting. That is a much bigger and more important matter that we all must fight than preventing people from driving legally.
I know of a case in Waltham where a guy's son was hit by an illegal who didn't speak English. An officer wrote a citation and the illegal never showed up for the court date. He left to go back to his 'home' country. The son was seriously injured and was out of work for a long time and then had to buy a new car. How do you avoid that from happening with this law? If they can't speak English fluently, this causes extreme problems at an accident scene.
Maryland, Utah and New Mexico passed similar laws and saw identity theft and fraud increase. Tennessee and North Carolina repealed such laws because of the increased crime. Would you consider repealing this law if it became apparent that there are flaws and people are getting to vote illegally? It shouldn't be an 'opt out' question regarding voting. Many people will cheat if you give them an easy opportunity.
steve kropper
Will has been very responsive to dialog even if I disagree on the merits of the bill.
Don't cheapen American citizenship.
We are suffering.
This law was passed sneakily and rushed through a day earlier than originally planned. If people come to this country illegally, they are not citizens and have not committed themselves to be loyal representatives of this country. Many of them continue to call their home countries their true country, but they come here to get a lot of our benefits that we've worked hard for. They even wave the flags of their countries when they have rallies trying to get more rights here. They are not true Americans and we are encouraging them to come here. Our economy is in big trouble and we can't afford to give in to illegal people and their needs or wants. We need to start thinking about our people. How do you not see this?
It hurts the poor citizens also.
steve kropper
Immigration was the issue Trump used to get elected and thus we lost four years on all progressive issues. We democrats fed the issue and made it easier for him to get elected.
Dolores Boogdanian
Someone is commandeering the discussion
Protect Massachusetts citizens.
Don't let Fentanyl come into Massachusetts.
This should have been put on a ballot in the first place. All of you in public office in MA live in a bubble. You help each other get reelected and want additional people to vote for you. As you state, you got a lot of calls on this issue and that's because a lot of people have objections to it. This should be put on a ballot for November to let the people decide. Many people don't feel they are being represented by many of you. You do what you want and not what we want in many cases.
Rebecca Pries
It would be really nice to see the person who is speaking. It makes it more friendly and connected.
Eva Webster
The bottom line is that this law is undermining the wages for American-born work force. And that is why it was passed. Democrats are no longer a party of working people. This was passed to lower wages for Americans.
Natalie S
Yes! to what Rebecca expressed so well.Will, I am grateful to you and Brendan and others on your staff for all your work & conversations around this issue.
Thank you