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Federal Legislative Update: EE Implications - Shared screen with speaker view
Jim Jerozal
Question for Jeff: The infrastructure bill "Authorizes" the money. That is not the same thing as "Appropriating" the money - right? If Congress in early December as they approach the debt ceiling passes a Continuing Resolution vs a true appropriation effort - does that mean this money in the infrastructure bill will be delayed in its release?
Jim Jerozal
OK - thanks!!! That's cool!
Mary English
What are the "Workforce" details?
Jim Jerozal
In the EE section talking about the grants for energy audits, it talks about 15 eligible states. Is IL one of those 15 states?
Jim Jerozal
Q for Vincent: You are saying installing a condensing furnace is adding $1,200 - $2,000 vent? That does not sound right at all. We are replacing 15,000 furnaces a year in IL with condensing units. Did I mis-understand that point?
Isaac Smith
In the HOMES pay for performance rebate, how will savings ("performance") be modeled and/or verified?
Andrew Isaacs
Might really help to break the bills/legislation and appropriations down into a flow chart type graphics to make it visually easy to see the different parts and what is included under each. There is so comprehensive and so many moving parts.
Kara Saul-Rinaldi
Isaac: Many of the specifics will be left to DOE because this is through BR. The software must be approved by DOE and consistent with BPI2400.