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Meet the Minister: The Hon Ben Carroll MP - Shared screen with speaker view
Margie Stewart
Ben’s video is not working screen is frozen. I can hear him however image is frozen. Sound also distorted
Stephen Coulter
Car traffic and road deaths/accidents are up globally due to COVID transport changes. Melbourne has more than 3 billion car journeys of less than 5kms a year. These are all suited to walking, eBikes and eScooters and don’t require major infrastructure. What can be done quickly to incentivise short journeys by active transport?
Stephen Coulter
The short term EV’s are eBikes and eScooters not electric cars. Electric cars have no impact on traffic.
Tom Melican Banyule
EV only fix 1 problem and that depends on how the electricity is created. They don't fix congestion, costs, parking or obesity problems
Mitchell Price
Victoria is leading the nation with its regulation. Thank you Minister.
Alan Gamlen
Michel, as a migration and mobility researcher I was very interested by your comment that agglomeration is essential to a knowledge economy, and this will ensure that the central city remains the focus of economic activity even as residential settlement disperses. A lot seems to be riding on this assumption - not least the solvency of the CBD commercial property market, the banks underpinning it, and the tens of billions in infrastructure enabling it. Given what’s at stake, it seems wise to probe the assumption that CBD agglomerations are still essential to knowledge economies. People have been talking about the internet enabling ‘virtual clusters’ for a couple of decades now, and pandemic has driven huge investment in remote work technologies. Could you talk us through your thinking and help us to understand why you think we should be confident that CBD agglomerations really are essential to innovation and to knowledge-led growth?
Cr Anna Chen - Deputy Mayor
A large shift away from motorised vehicles to public transport is the only way to fundamentally reduce transport's contribution to climate change.
Mitchell Price
More options for people will also help reduce emissions. EV’s, Public Transport, E-bikes and E-scooters.
Holly Cooper
Can we please bring back live music on trams, bringing together two iconic things about Melbourne?
Cr Anna Chen - Deputy Mayor
Thank you, Minister. Thank you, Michel and Julien.