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Mentored Internship Program (MIP) Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
TECH | Siobhan (She/Her)
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Alex Salazar
1) Per the RFA eligible agencies may not be a grantee of any other DHCS BHWD program. TTC is currently preparing an application for CalMHSA’s Peer Support Specialist Certification opportunity, and we want to confirm that if funded under that opportunity we would still be eligible for this funding?
Jan Hefner
Are mentees limited as to the number of hours they can work during each week?
Charles Berman
I thought we needed a letter of support from a partner institution but couldn’t find this in the application. Do we need this, and if so is there a template or guidelines for what the letter needs to include?
Alex Salazar
Our agency has multiple sites in the San Fernando Valley and want to confirm that if we apply for our San Fernando Valley sites mentors/mentees can be placed across agency sites (funding request will be less then or equal to $500,000) and we do not have to submit separate applications for each site?
David Roberti
Do we receve CEU's?
Jan Hefner
Can a mentor provide guidance to more than two mentees?
Alyssa Ferrell
We are a BH department in a rural area and have multiple site locations; however, we do not have many local educational institutions to partner with. Can we partner with the same educational institution for multiple sites?
Jan Hefner
Do mentors need to be employees or can they be contractors?
Alyssa Ferrell
Can an intern be assigned to multiple sites?
Ariel Peterson
Do we have to have mentees in each of the 4 internship time periods? Or just a total of 8 interns during the grant period?
Alyssa Ferrell
Would adjacent buildings (different address) be considered the same site or would each site need to separately submit an application?
Melissa Santos
Is the grant amount up to $500k per agency or total? If per agency, what is the total budget?
Shulie Eisen
- What does it mean that we need a separate application for every location? Would we be required to submit separate budgets per application, or submit one budget for all locations? Would we be required to have unique individuals per each time block per each location, or could we have the same interns with us for longer periods of time (say for fall+spring at one location, and for each summer block at a second location)?
Jan Hefner
Can grantees use MIP funds for evaluation activities related to the program?
Jetta Meadows
Can you clarify how we submit the timeline? There is no field for this, to enter text, nor is there a location for an upload. Thank you.
Dallas Fletcher
Our interns tend to provide services in multiple community locations but have a home base site where they receive individual and group supervision, complete documentation, etc. Can we apply for the home base site as the location?
Kacie Morgan
Will existing MOUs be accepted as letters of support from partnering educational institutions?
Shulie Eisen
What would you consider a “location” if our clinicians are all providing behavioral health services via telehealth currently given COVID
Dallas Fletcher
Can you please clarify whether an agency must have active interns during each of the four internship sessions, or may be apply only for those internship sessions that align with the standard school year?
Kacie Morgan
Can we use funds to pay for certification fees for interns as part of our workforce development?
Alex Salazar
Thank you!
Lauren Heminez
Are supervisors considered mentors? And if so, does supervision count towards "mentoring" for our interns?
Dallas Fletcher
Do we need to have specific interns identified prior to application?
Jan Hefner
Lol! I should have said they would be paid!
Melissa Santos (she/her) Community Solutions
There is a place to upload the letter(s)
TECH | Siobhan (She/Her)
To Change your name, hover over your video, Click on the ellipses, then select rename. Feel free to enter your name and organization.
Ellen Radis
On Page 17 of the RFA it talks about the letter from educational institute:
Kacie Morgan
Are non -DHCS facilities/programs eligible sites for the BH MIP program? We have a program funded by CDCR that provides behavioral health treatment for vulnerable populations. Can this grant fund interns at this site?
Ellen Radis
From page 17 of the RFA - Letter(s) of support from educational institution(s) will be processed via the Zoom grant application process and MUST be included as specified in the zoom grant tabs.
Ariel Peterson
We typically partner with various educational institutions. We don't always know which educational institutions we will have interns from, until after the interviewing process for interns. Can it be enough to just have a letter from one of the educational institutions? Even if we end up getting interns from multiple places?
Shulie Eisen, Venice Family Clinic
Can the interns be undergraduate or graduate students focused on program management rather than clinical care? or do interns have to be providing direct services?
Angela Riddle
Please define site - can it be a program with multiple clinic locations? or a specific clinic?
Melissa Santos (she/her) Community Solutions
Grad level and undergrad interns have a required number of hours for internship. They typically are with us for 9 months which would carry across a number of the grant timeline
Jan Hefner she/her
We have a potential mentor who is experienced in both peer counseling and SUD. We are considering assigning at least two mentees in each discipline if allowed.
Tina Machado
Can you please provide the link again to the RFA?
Lauren Heminez
If we are an organization with multiple sites and our total request across the sites is less than $500k, did I hear correctly that we could submit one application that encompasses all of the sites (rather than separate applications for each site)? If so, would it be one budget and would there still be a total of 6 reports across the reporting period? Or a separate report for each site?
TECH | Joe
Link to application: https://www.zoomgrants.com/gprop.asp?donorid=2408&limited=3889Link to PDF version of RFA: https://www.workforce.buildingcalhhs.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/RFA3-BHMentoredInternship.pdf
Shulie Eisen, Venice Family Clinic
Can interns carry across multiple internship periods (for example, 2 people total that are with us during the fall and spring time periods) or do we need new interns for every internship period
Bianca Wilson (she/her) - Butte County
Hello, what happens if either the mentor or the intern(s) have to leave the agency? Either for personal choice or HR related issues...
Kacie Morgan
Some of our MH interns receive academic credit for their internship and are not allowed to be paid through our MOUs with their educational institution. Do all interns hired through the MIP need to be paid?
Melissa Santos (she/her) Community Solutions
Just to clarify, if we allocated 50% of someone's time to being a mentor, they could have more than two assigned to them?
brenda Sanchez
If we do submit one application for multiple sites, the maximum amount that can be requested is $500,000, or 1.5million?
Leticia Plancarte-Garcia
If we have multiple outpatient locations but limited educational options, can the same educational partner be in two applications?
Dallas Fletcher
Do all individual mentors need to identified for application?
Ariel Peterson
would an intern include a therapist who completed schooling and is working with us to get her hours to apply for licensing?
Melissa Santos (she/her) Community Solutions
Is this one time funding or is there opportunity for an extension beyond the 18 months?
Leticia Plancarte-Garcia
Will there be a specific training required for mentors?
Kathy Patton
From what I can see, the RFA doesn't ask for site addresses (only applicant address) or for which internship period each intern site will work. Can you direct where that goes? The budget narrative has a 5000 character limit which is only 2 1/2 pages and has to include the timeline. There isn't any room to add more information in the other sections, which are only 2 or 1 page long each section.
Patricia Moss
What if you have been mentoring in a program before the pandemic and organization is now closed but you continue to assist client on line how would that be reflected apond?
Alyssa Ferrell
Would we be able to have an intern be assigned to multiple outpatient sites?
Nina Sutton
Our budget for this program came out to $350,000. Can we still apply for $500K or are we limited to costs and indirects?
Ariel Peterson
if we get letters of supports from multiple educational institutions, do representatives from each educational institution have to participate in the learning collaboratives?
Jetta Meadows
The RFA states the ratio required is 2 interns to 1 mentor. You had mentioned that three interns *could* be supervised by one mentor, provided enough FTE is allocated. Can you just verify that I heard correctly? Thank you.
Payton Murphy
Can funding be used to train mentors in new evidence-based practices that they could then utilize to train our interns?
Daniel Chagolla (Cedar House)
In the budget worksheet, what kind of infrastructure support would qualify?
Lauren Heminez
Thank you SO much, Kathleen. This was so helpful!
Aurora William
Thank you for all of your answers.
Kacie Morgan
Thank you!
Dara Yomjinda, CLARE | MATRIX
Very helpful. Thank yo
Tabitha Rice
Thank you!
Tiffany Liu, Via Care Community Health Center
Thank you!