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AOGS2021 Panellist Conversations - Shared screen with speaker view
Alex Ang, AOGS Secretariat
Alex Ang, AOGS Secretariat
Dear All! Thank you for attending the AOGS2021 Panellist Conversations. For questions to our panellists, please feel free to use the Q&A or Chat function.
Minhan DAI
Sorry for the technical problems. I have no idea what's wrong.
Maxime Colin
Why are peatlands particularly important ? Tropical ones in particular ?
Alex Ang, AOGS Secretariat
Hi Maxime! to avoid your question getting lost in the chat, please type your question in the Q&A function. ☺️
Maxime Colin
Shouldn't we devise better ways to separate out food waste from the rest of our rubbish. This should be relatively easy to do, would be useful to make natural fertilisers for agriculture, and would make the rest of our rubbish drier so easier to manage?
Maxime Colin
Thank you Janice! One of the panellists (Pr Koh?) mentioned harmony. It would be lovely to make harmony the central concept to help advance global sustainability successfully.
Florian Schwandner
We have all adapted for better or for worse, but looking forward - how will the workplace culture of the post-pandemic (if there even is a solid "post-") future evolve? This is a topic on many people's mind. The lessons learned the past 18 months help cope, but there are more fundamental questions to tackle as well. Hybrid onsite/offsite models in how do we teach classes and hold meetings in the future?
Same in Australia
Florian Schwandner
Same in the US
Florian Schwandner
Students and field work aside - some people work better from home, some people do better in a group/social environment of a vibrant workplace. Some of my more number-crunching computational geoscience colleagues don't really want to return to their offices. I don't think one size fits all here, and people have developed a better awareness of what works better for them.