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2022 State of the Town - Night 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruth Ann Hendrickson
If house is 100% electric, there is no resilience when the power goes out. No gas stove to heat water and cook, no automatic generator, no oil furnace that can be run by a small generator. I’d like the Green committee to address this resilience issue.
Margaret Olson
Are we mowing fields that do not produce hay for fodder or food?
Paul Shorb
Ruth: Our "all-electric" bylaw can allow having an emergency generator to provide that resiliency, and I expect that is what we will propose.
sara mattes
Thank you to Con Comm!
Edward Kern
Core paths should include all roads on which students are expected to walk to Lincoln Schools.
sara mattes
Do we have a map overlay to show where the town has ROW and the ability to add paths without takings?
Annemarie Calhoun
Can this committee please address the lack of sidewalk to the bus on Hanscom Drive. From the Virginia Road to the bus stop people walk in the middle of the road which is very dangerous during bright sunny mornings and at dusk. Thank you.
sara mattes
Many thanks to BPAC for all the work they have done.
Lucia MacMahon
Have you studied and examined the amount of increased traffic and speeding on Lincoln Road? Very dangerous when out walking even on bike path in some areas.
Laura Koller
Agree, North Lincoln is lacking paths on Virginia Ave., as well as from Hanscom to Rte 2-A on Hanscom access rd.
Chris Murphy
Nobody would tolerate a decades-long plan to fix roads that aren't connected or safe for cars. As a town we should prioritize pedestrian and bike safety *over* car convenience to help achieve our conservation and community goals. We should be bolder. Thank you to BPAC for all their excellent work pulling this vision together!
Anton Marc
Route 117 has areas with no bikepath or sidewalk, which makes it difficult to get from Rte 126 to the West over the Sudbury River to Verrill Farm in Concord and to country roads in Sudbury or to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. A safe connection to Bruce Freeman would be especially important to me.
Katherine Walker
As part of its evaluation of the new conservation regulations, there’s a wonderful opportunity to test the assumption of dog impacts on water quality in Flint’s ponds that has at least in part led to unpopular leash requirements for the paths there. It would be great to inform this decision with data.
sara mattes
How does the CC impact the work of HC and vice versa? Please expand on your comment. Thank you.
Kim Bodnar
To Katherine’s point, it would be helpful to see the water testing report that led to the change in leash rules and be able to make the comparison. Thank you ConCom!
Chris Murphy
How do we ensure that accessory apartments support long-term lessees, and improve overall housing stock, as opposed to becoming de-facto rental properties (a la AirBNB)?
Michelle Barnes
Why doesn't the PB want people to be able to create an ADU that is a condo?
Michelle Barnes
If we hope to increase housing supply, why wouldn't we harmonize the by right aspects of B1 and B2 with design guidelines that preserve rural character feel?
Lisa Freedman
How does the housing presentation, RLF and the village center all relate to the new rule (?) in MA about housing near mass transit?
David Cuetos
Has anyone run the numbers on the investment required to retrofit all public buidlings to make heating 100% electric?
sara mattes
Will the town offer some subsidizes to install said generators? that might be a stretch for some.
David Cuetos
How many potential incremental residential units are we talking about if we rezone B1 and B2 parcels to make them "significantly higher density"?
sara mattes
What will it take to get the requested GIS map of ROW? that is so important for our understanding where we can make investments to add paths. How can we help?
Kim Bodnar
In terms of process, how did we get some of these great ideas and their possible costs to FinCom for their “possible/maybe project list”? Understanding these costs would help with long-term financial planning.
sara mattes
To Bob, Why do you make that assumption? What data supports that? (That a condo would be pegged at $1miil.)
sara mattes
Perhaps it is because it has an impact on the COL in Lincoln?
sara mattes
To Rachel and Allen-perhaps the tax impact has implications for the COL in Lincoln and the diversity?
David Cuetos
For Bob, the Housing Choice Act original requirements translated to 563 units for Lincoln as per the October 3rd Select Committee meeting, what is the new number with looser requirements?
sara mattes
perhaps we cannot get everything we want. Let us keep us to what we can afford. Set a price tag and stick to it. All your er suggesting do not suggest we cannot set a budget.
Robert Stringer
Thank you!
Michelle Barnes
Thank you all for all of your thoughtful efforts and inputs!
Susan Hall Mygatt
Thank you for organizing two very important and interesting evening meetings.
Roy Harvey
@Jennifer G: Love Padlet! So much better than sticky notes and colored dots!
sara mattes
Yes, thanks to all, and to those who hung in to the end.
Jonathan Dwyer
Katherine Walker
Make sure the links are in Lincoln Talk and Squirrel!Thanks for a great session
Katherine Walker
Padlet was fun but we’re skewed older subset of the Lincoln population so how well we represent the rest of the time is a question !