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IEL CCS RPN Monthly Webinar: Lifting Up Community Schools' COVID-19 Responses Through Research - Shared screen with gallery view
Emily Cheng - IEL Tech Host
Emily Cheng - IEL Tech Host
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Helen Malone
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Emily Cheng - IEL Tech Host
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Helen Malone
How are you measuring collaborative leadership practices? How are you engaging in meaningful data collection during this pandemic to inform community schools work?
Jessica Shiller
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Helen Malone
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Helen Malone
Thank you for joining us today.Save the date for our next webinar, Thur., Oct 14th focused on measuring outcomes. To learn more about this and other areas of the Community Schools Research Agenda, check out the agenda here: https://www.communityschools.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/07/FINAL-CCS-RPN-Community-Schools-Research-Agenda-Website-Version-.pdfWant to share this webinar or catch up on the prior ones? Visit our CCS RPN website for recordings: https://www.communityschools.org/link/join-a-network/research-practice-network/Not yet part of RPN? Join us at ccsrpn@iel.org.And, as you exit, we encourage you to fill out our quick webinar survey: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6539688/CCS-RPN-Post-Webinar-Feedback-Form-September-28-2021
Carol Paine-McGovern
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