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GKCOA Volleyball Referees Meeting #3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Williams
what's in the fridge Darla?
GKCOA Zoom Admin
Lester Allen
hi I have an official who wasn't sent the zoom info for this meeting is there anyway he can get in?
Phillip Boldridge
The libero can come in and serve anytime during that service rotation. In the same rotation, the other player who was originally serving can come back in and serve again. They could do this on every serve (that would not make people happy) if they chose to. The key is the libero can not serve in another rotation.To really get in the weeds a sub could come in and serve for either the libero or the original server as long as they have not served in another rotation and have only subbed for that player.There is A LOT of confusion with that rule.