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National Organizations Approach to JEDI - Shared screen with speaker view
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Joaquin Baca- AMA
Annual Meeting edition of our monthly health equity update, with related action and resource updates from the AMA, colleagues, and the media.Recent and Upcoming Equity Action Highlights• The monthly Federation Equity Exchange meeting is on hiatus for July. Happy summer!• [Presentation] June 29: Racism in Medicine - Historical Foundations and Strategies for Advancing Health Equity | Emily Cleveland-Manchanda | Over a hundred people in the Federation attended• June 16: American College of Preventive Medicine 2022 Annual Meeting | Maria Regalado and Crystal Sacaridiz presenting with project collaborators | Elevating Best Practices in the Care of Minoritized Communities During COVID-19: A Pilot Project of 15 Physician-led Practices• AMA 2022 Annual Meeting• Medical Justice in Advocacy Fellowship: Fellows attended the Annual Meeting• First in-person meeting (due to prior COVID-19 restrictions)• Participated in Fellowship-specific gatherings, meetings and events organized by Sections, and Reference Com
Theresa Azevedo-Rousso
Thank you so much for your work and communication to us today!
Cheryl Goliath
Enjoyed each of the presentations. I am with Cleveland Clinic Akron General and working on a JEDI curriculum. Given the recent events in Akron, our focus has always been to engage the community in the curriculum, but my anxiety level as to how to do that is extremely high. Any suggestions??
Heather Sankey
Thank you for your talks. The work you're all doing is inspiring. I love seeing the continuity from UME through GME to CME.