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CAFE TAC Presents: So You’re Ready to Work, Now What? - Shared screen with speaker view
Michele Koppinger
Ken Collins
6 " of snow and still snowing
Ken Collins
I handed this out to my staff and have them here now with me.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
That's great Ken!
Ken Collins
It's good to have a translator sometimes to improve commubication. Me tooon the texting.
Michele Koppinger
All's one rogue email takes is 1 person that's envious of you, waiting to pounce.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
That's a good point Ken. Having a third party look at something can be really helpful.
Ken Collins
Our passion can sometimes be misunderstood
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Definitely. People react to passion and emotion differently. It might be exciting and engaging for one listener, but upsetting to another.
John Ferrone
Sometimes there is enough time such that you can think about these strategies. But other times, like in a conversation, you don't have time to think about these strategies... so, how do you incorporate these techniques in those situations? You have to practice them, so that they become common and "normal" in your communication style.
John Ferrone
Another subtle point is that you never know what the mood is of the person you are writing to, or speaking with. It's not your fault if they bring their current baggage to your message and they "hear" something you didn't intend. So, be ready to cut them some slack, and gently let them know that that was not what you meant, or how you intended to come across. Do not get paralyzed by the fear of being misunderstood.
Robin Zucker
And if are we communicating by email or texting. I have some groundrules with this I try to share with someone I am going to be interacting with by writing.
John Ferrone
How do you feel about the use of emojis?
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
John Ferrone
Remember when Elise talked about dressing for an interview, and we discussed the general rule of dressing one level above the interviewer? The same is generally true for communication: be more or as formal than your boss in a new situation until you get a feel for the culture. By "formal" I mean salutations, full sentences, proper grammar, no emojis, and brevity. Let your boss set the tone and over time when the relationship strengthens the informalities usually become allowable.
Ken Collins
Texting is something I don't do because I'm not addicted to me phone.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Texting is definitely the least formal kind of communication, and different workplaces will have different cultures around the appropriateness of texting.
Mary Hogden
Thank you I have to get on another meeting.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Thanks for being here Mary!
Michele Koppinger
Neuro-divergent; Neurodiversity. Noted. Thank you. I'd like to learn more please.................... Sometime.
John Ferrone
I find that any time you can add humor to a video call, it helps keep the call from being exhausting. But that's just me, and others might not want the humor and want to keep things serious.
John Ferrone
I have no jokes
Jeremy - CAFE TAC