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BOT Regular Meeting 05/18/2022 5:30pm - Shared screen with speaker view
Kristine Borchers, Hinsdale County
Is it possible to show those attending online what you are seeing?
Holly Shepherd
Me to Alexander Mulhall (Direct Message) 04:39 PMLex, all I'm seeing is the slide of the "existing boardwalk". Might you scroll to the slides they are discussing?
Kristine Borchers, Hinsdale County
We are seeing a powerpoint that is about to start
Holly Shepherd
I'd be open to offering the use of our home as temporary housing options for these employees while the town looks for a more permanent solution if it would help prevent our valued employees ending up homeless.
Holly Shepherd
Coffee, pastries, breakfast tacos, or sandwiches to go at the ice wall or ski hill would be awesome!