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Boulder Arts Commission meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Chasansky, staff,
Last call for anyone who would like to speak during public comment!
Merlyn Holmes, Creativity Alive, Boulder, CO USA
a huge THANK YOU to all of you! from Merlyn at Creativity Alive
Cynthia Katsarelis Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra
Thank you all so much for all the work you do for the arts here in Boulder!
Merlyn Holmes, Creativity Alive, Boulder, CO USA
and thank you for the call out, Bruce!
A huge and sincere thank you on behalf of Cantabile Singers for this grant. We are so grateful to the Arts Commission and City of Boulder for your support of our organization. Carol Nielsen, Cantabile
Eboni Freeman, commissioner
Caroline has her hand up.
Tim "Timo" Russo (he/him) - KGNU
On behalf of KGNU, we'd like to share our appreciation for the Commission's diligent and thoughtful review process as well as the staff's responsiveness in working with applicants. We highly appreciate the opportunity to have applied for and to receive these critical GOS funds in order to continue to do our work to Amplify community, culture, and music across Boulder. Thank you!
Travis LaBerge (he/him) - Parlando
Thank you for your support! We proud and humbled to partner with the Boulder Arts Commission for the benefit of our arts and arts education community.
Lauren Click (she/her), Office of Arts + Culture
It is still on view!
Michelle Bernier (she/her)
HUGE thank you to the commission on behalf of Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema. We are so grateful for the support, and can't wait to begin the next three years!
georgiaschmid, commissioner
sorry I lost my screen and couldn’t unmute
Lauren Click (she/her), Office of Arts + Culture
How significant is the rehiring of this position to a) the success of the organization, b) the ability of the organization to carry out its mission, and/or c) to the potential career growth of an arts administrator hired for the position? The Community Cultural Plan encourages cultural leaders to improve the conditions of the arts workforce including sustainable wages, encouraging young professionals to build a resilient career in Boulder, and fostering the racial diversity of the leadership pipeline. Please consider these aspects of the Cultural Plan in your response.
Eboni Freeman, commissioner
Thank you Lauren and Matt!
Eboni Freeman, commissioner
How exciting!
Caroline Kert BAC she/hers
I'm sorry all, I need to leave after this session. Lauren, if I can get a video recording of Eboni's session, that would be great!
Lauren Click (she/her), Office of Arts + Culture
Travis LaBerge (he/him) - Parlando
I second what Georgia just said – it is crucial to have a relationship with a teacher in the school in order to get the programming scheduled. They are so busy and are inundated with so many things, that it’s hard to cut through the noise.
Lauren Click (she/her), Office of Arts + Culture
Final scores are due July 1T
Lauren Click (she/her), Office of Arts + Culture
July 1!
Travis LaBerge (he/him) - Parlando
Thank you!