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2022 Election Forums - Shared screen with speaker view
Janis Ching - BNC
Please limit comments in the chat to questions you wish to propose.
Jesse Arreguin
Are you referring to IT services? I dont understand what you are referring to Soli. We contract for specific services with the Board.
meryl siegal BNc
Regarding safety for tenants in high rise apartment buildings with elevators, how will the rent board be pro active to ensure that that permitting and regulations are in place for elevators to work? If they are not working, how will the rent board ensure that there are ways for those who are disabled to be able to vacate the building if needed in a safe manner?
To the naked eye, there is a lot of housing being built in Berkeley. What has happened to make certain it is affordable to low and very low and even unhoused people?
Paola Laverde
In 2020 and in 2022, the Rent Board recommended to the City Council an amendment to the ordinance that would remove exemptions to the Rent Stabilization and Eviction for Good Cause Ordinance from so-called “golden-duplexes”, both times, the city council prevented the amendment from getting on the ballot. Do you think, voters should be allowed to decide if golden duplexes should be exempt from the ordinance, why or why not?
Wendy Saenz Hood
May I ask why I was not questioned?
Janis Ching - BNC
Video will be at BerkeleyNeighborhoodsCouncil.com
Sally Nelson
Thank you
Soli Alpert
our website is BerkeleyRentBoard.org
Soli Alpert
feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to talk, my number is (415) 819-2139
Linda Franklin
thank you BNC. GREAT FORUM