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Apportionment Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Chelsea Rozek
View submitted maps here: http://bit.ly/washtenawapportionment
dirk mayhew
Is cost one of the criteria for legal compliance?
Ed Golembiewski
We will post the email in just a few moments.
dirk mayhew
For the record, I plan to vote for Jason Morgan for State Rep.
dirk mayhew
Jason I think that was an interpretation of my statements, not verbatim.
Ed Golembiewski
The communication regarding BOC pay/benefits that Commissioner McClary discussed is available here: https://www.washtenaw.org/DocumentCenter/View/22964/BOC-Salary-Benefit?bidId=
Jason Morgan
Thanks Dirk. Now that I am commenting here, I’ll just share that I am really pleased that so many of you are passionate about advocating when it comes to districts. While I did share my thoughts on finding fewer commissioners to be more ideal for good government, I think this is all great dialogue to have and it’s just good to hear everyone care so deeply about our county board of commissioners.*
dirk mayhew
I recommend a cut-off date for maps
dirk mayhew
Is the vote planned for next week, then?
dirk mayhew
The requirement to maintain municipality lines is a much lower importance than square and compact, and not combining cities with townships