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CAFE TAC Presents: So You’re Ready to Work, Now What? - Shared screen with speaker view
Good morning, everyone. Glad to be here!
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Ha! You must be smart!
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
John Ferrone
Just realized I was sending my comments only to the hosts/panelists... Here's my message and the link: Having done some research recently with respect to the workforce, it is more common than people realize for job seekers to have a criminal record. If this includes you, you are not alone--so don't fear your history! This resesarch might be helpful to you: https://www.rand.org/education-and-labor/projects/jobs-and-criminal-records.html
John Ferrone
And... The better you can share your stories (because you wrote them out like a script, and practiced them in the mirror), the more credible you'll be. Not only are you sharing your side of the story effectively, but you're avoiding being caught off guard which is the #1 reason an interview goes into a tailspin.
John Ferrone
Top right... view button appears when you mouse over it. Select the aspect ratio that is better.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Try hitting CTRL + to zoom in.
John Ferrone
Or to zoom in, go to the top center "View Options" and select a better ratio
John Ferrone
Regarding the letter of explanation, it might also be worthwhile to have one or two people who can provide a written reference about you and your journey. The purpose would be to provide a credible source for the company to contact if they choose, so it's not just your word talking about yourself. This is different than a typical reference, because you will have asked someone to specifically write about a situation in your past and who can vouch for you.
Michele Koppinger
Any insights or suggestions for requesting reasonable accommodation or maybe more time for finishing a project rather than identify, say, a disability and the like.
Michele Koppinger
*TBI (traumatic brain injury) or any disability or PERCEIVED disability
John Ferrone
How will a potential employer learn about a criminal background, and when would they learn? Typically, they ask permission to do a background check, and that requires your social security number and/or license. So, you might be able to wait to divulge information about yourself until they ask to do a background check.
John Ferrone
Michelle, your question is a good one, and it gets at the notion of whether or not you are willing to disclose a disability, etc. If you're not, then you might need to do a good job up front at assessing a project and the time it will take so that you're setting the expectations up front, rather than having to ask for more time which might lead to the question of why do you need more time? Does that make sense? I'm assuming you're talking about already being in a job, by the way.
John Ferrone
But Jeremy DOES know all.
John Ferrone
A strategy to consider: If you have a recent gap in your employment and you're nervous about what an employer might think about why that gap exists, you might need to get a job that you don't want just so you can prove that you are able to do the job that you do want. For example, "flipping burgers" might be a job you need to hold down for 8 months to a year, so that you can say to employers, "Nevermind the gap... I'm back, and I've proven that I am employable."
John Ferrone
There's nothing wrong with "flipping burgers", either! That's just an expression.
Paula Butterworth
I so appreciate that its mentioned to take a position as a stepping stone - so that I can grow! Thank you!
Myrna Dukes
In California, is it illegal for a prospective employer to inquire about my medical history?
John Ferrone
For Thursday... what will that discussion look like? I think it would be a great opportunity for Peers to practice their story, or to share a letter of explanation. There's no expectation to do that and participants can attend and listen to others. But... it would be a good place to practice, because we all get it. So if you have a story that you want to practice to a positive audience, that would be a good use of time on Thursday, among other things to discuss.
Michele Koppinger
Thank you for these offerings!
Thank you, Elise, Jeremy and John.