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Member Choice Vacations - 2022 Traveler Showcase - Shared screen with speaker view
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Thank you again for joining us this morning! If you have questions throughout the presentation today - please use this chat box to enter in your questions and we will answer them at the end.
Claudia Krage
Interested in solo travel options
What is the best time of year for exploring Costa Rica?
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Good morning, Claudia! Member Choice Vacations certainly offers solo travel opportunities. I will ask Lucas to discuss this in more detail at the end. Your AAA Travel Agent can also provide you information on Member Choice Vacations itineraries that would be best for travelers who would like to travel solo.
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Mike - great question! I will ask Lucas to answer your question at the end. Thanks!
How many people do you allow in the travel groups to Costa Rica?
Linda Henrikson
Is the zip line through the forest canopy?
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Mike - Member Choice Vacations offers smaller group travel to destinations around the world. I will ask Lucas to address this as well. Thanks!
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Linda - it is!
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Dee - Each one of the itineraries that Member Choice Vacations offers has an "Activity Level" associated with it. Your AAA Travel Agent can help you decide which itinerary matches an activity level you are comfortable with. However, the great thing about Member Choice Vacations is that they offer the "Choice on Tour" so you have the opportunity to decide which activities are best suited for you.
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Penney - Almost all Member Choice Vacations itineraries have single traveler options - Morocco included, I believe. I will verify at the end.
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Debra - It is safe! That's the benefit of traveling with Member Choice Vacations. Their tour managers are very familiar with the area and ensure the safety of the guests traveling to Egypt on tour and of course during the activities you wish to experience while you're there.