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Community Vaccine Advisory Group Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Lauren Baranco
Questions can be put in Q&A or the chat from anyone in the audience or any panelists and we will try our best to answer them. Thank you all for being here
Dr. Tri Do
Thank you, Mary Lou. It was a wonderful experience to help.
Dr. Kathleen Clanon
Pfizer has submitted for FDA review of use of their vaccine down to 12+. Probably will be reviewed in the next few weeks.....
Maria Dominguez ACPHD (she/ella)
Thank you for that update, Dr. Clanon.Gracias por esa actualización, Dra. Clanon.
Kevin Dowling
Ashland/Cherryland by far the lowest vaccination rates
Lauren Baranco
@Kevin true. Both Eden UCC and La Familia have been doing great work in that community re: vaccination to try to make more headway, and the County has its 2nd community POD at Hayward Adult School, right next to Cherryland. We have been doing about 1800 or so doses every Thurs-Sat. We know that just making the vaccine available isn't everything, and have been grateful to work with exceptional community partners who have been organizing hard to get community members registered into those appointments.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Thanks for uplifting that Lauren. Thanks to all the great partnerships. Still more work to do...
Aneeka Chaudhry
Great idea w/ the testing, Dr. Rhoads.
Lauren Baranco
@Dr. Rhoads I'm sorry I missed the Umoja call! That's awesome.
Rosemary Vazquez
Thank you Lauren! The Family Resource Center @ Cherryland ES will continue to providing support to the entire Eden Urban Unincorporated Area.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Great work Rosemary, Pastor Arlene, Jenn, Graciela and all partners for all your great work!
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Thank you always Tau and RPIT for representing for the Pacific Islander community!
Maria Dominguez ACPHD (she/ella)
Here is the link to the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey in English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COVID19SurveyAlamedaAquí está el enlace a la Encuesta Sobre la Vacuna Contra el COVID-19 en Inglés: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COVID19SurveyAlameda
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Great work Kelly!
Maria Dominguez ACPHD (she/ella)
Aquí está el enlace a la Encuesta Sobre la Vacuna Contra el COVID-19 en Español: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COVID19EncuestaAlamedaHere is the link to the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey in Spanish: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COVID19EncuestaAlameda
Taunu'u (Tau) Ve'e
Our messaging should also include COVID testing as well because most of the ads is focused on vaccination while those fully vaccinated need to be reminded.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
I agree with Tau. We should provide in the Community dual modalities as a best practice.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Represent Liz!
Neetu Balram
Here is the state's portal for workers and employers https://saferatwork.covid19.ca.gov/
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Have we reached the point where the general narrative needs to be in our society that this is now endemic?
Kevin Dowling
keep current schedule
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Audrey Momoh
Agree with Kevin and Liz
Taunu'u (Tau) Ve'e
I like this pace we should keep it the way it is.
Taunu'u (Tau) Ve'e
This is my sixth meeting of the day :-)
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Yes, lets keep the same pace
Carla Keener
@Aaron Ortiz...interesting question. So many folks are thinking we're 'back to normal' because we have the vaccine. The issue of sustained health promotion may be the pivot we'll need to make while also continuing to reach vulnerable populations and consistent messaging around vigilance (i.e., testing and vaccinating, the issue of boosters, etc.).
Carla Keener
In addition to being here to represent the needs of our communities, we are here to support the HCSA/PHD staff. Are we providing the type of assistance you need? Is there a specific request of the group, of individuals?
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Carla and Liz I think that's exactly the question that we need to entertain. The community is exhausted but they will trust next steps if we tell them it go in this direction.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Thank you for that Dr. Clanon.
Dr. Nicholas Moss
Agree with Dr. Clanon
Carla Keener
Thank you all...take care of yourselves!
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Cool we are meeting in 2 weeks.