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IIJA Weatherization Implementation - Shared screen with speaker view
Aimee Gendusa-English
To locate a REEO in your part of the country, visit https://eepartnership.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/REEOMap-updated-no-bg-e1647967964669.png
Amanda Caloras
What is SIR acronym in relation to cost-effectiveness?
Chris Driggs
can you change the screen we see as I cant see the whole screen with the info on it
Benjamin Burgett
Saving to Investment Ratio
Amanda Caloras
thanks Benjamin
Molly Graham - MEEA
Try exiting full screen, you should be able to see the bottom of the slides that is getting cut off in full screen mode
Chris Driggs
Thank you it worked
Aimee Gendusa-English
It is my understanding that DOE does not require an owner cost share, but some state grantees do. Can you clarify?
Gary Christopher
Perhaps you could address the difficulty in meeting ASHRAE 62.2 requirements in multifamily.
Erica Burrin
@Aimee-There can be no cost share in a single family home. Some Grantees do require owner cost-share in multifamily homes for capital upgrades.
meg Power
thanks Erica- I think you just confirmed there is not a federal requirement for owner cost-share- right?
Aimee Gendusa-English
I think that is a very important point for this audience; the state planning process could provide an opportunity to advocate for or against the requirement for an owner cost share depending on the circumstances.
Erica Burrin
@Meg-that is correct.
Derek Schroeder
@Gary, DOE through the Oak Ridge National Lab is at the end of completing a multifamily indoor air quality study where the results are to help provide information for the WAP network to meeting ASHRAE 62.2 to the greatest extend possible. Once the final report is completed, ORNL will publish this report so that the WAP network is able to review. DOE will then also message it's information..
Gary Christopher
Thanks for that Derek! That's a big impediment to doing MF work in my view.
Derek Schroeder
@Gary, you're welcome. And agreed, which was the foundation behind performing the study. In hopes of providing reasonable ways to meet the standard to the greatest extent possible.
Monique Trice
I can't see the questions
Robert Garber
Missouri is removing the cost-share requirement for MF properties that are owned by government or not-for-profit entities, and reducing the required contribution for buildings owned by for-profit entities.
Margie Seccomb
At the agency level, there is a great desire, due the need, to do MF. However, the state oversight agency is not ready and lacks vision for us to get to the point of dong MF. Any thoughts on how to get state oversight agencies trained and ready?
Erica Burrin
@Margie- start small, see if you can work with the Grantee/State to adopt the Low-rise MF, priority list just released with 22-8. https://www.energy.gov/eere/wap/articles/weatherization-program-notice-22-8-streamlining-energy-audit-process-optional
Margie Seccomb
Thank you, Erica.
Greg Gaden
Oklahoma does not currently allow MF at this time. We want to move to that soon with all the new funds. We would really need to go to a contractor group doing this. Did I hear that companies like ICAST do this type of work under contract with the Grantee? Thanks, Greg
mike biggers
Gary Oklahoma does allow small multifamily, my agency and one to the sought hav done small multifamily.
Nathan Baer
@Greg Garden. Yes, Staples Energy does this kind of work as well. We can chat. nbaer@staplesenergy.com
Greg Gaden
Lisa Ritter
Reaching out: Are there documents or handouts currently used for client education re: ASHRAE fans? We have found that clients turn them off or dismantle them when there is a lack of understanding the importance of ventilation. Michigan has just started ramping up MF and we are already seeing issues with this. Verbal explanation from the EA/QCI does not seem to have a lasting effect
Derek Schroeder
@Lisa, I will answer your question live.
meg Power
Derek, you said it as I was typing!if you can send NCAP some examples or cntact info
Lisa Ritter
That would be wonderful, thank you
meg Power
for those w materials- we can share
Maddy Kamalay
Since there are no guaranteed funds available for braiding with DOE WAP funds, we have run into many issues accessing funds available for braiding. We know you all are aware of this issue in Michigan.Since BIL funds will raise the DOE proportion of WAP funds, does DOE know of other federal funds on the horizon that will be available to match/braid this huge influx in funding?
meg Power
NCAP is funded by DOE specifically to advise/train on braiding funds. reach Aimee Gendusa-English aenglish@communityactionpartnership.org
Maddy Kamalay
I am wondering if there is a macro level source of funding that could potentially offset the large influx of BIL funds.
Erica Burrin
@Maddy-I agree, LIHEAP is the greatest funder of weatherization. Making sure that relationship at the state office is collaborative is a pre-requisite for greater LIHEAP transfer.
Why isn't there more cooperation with CDBG funding?
Erica Burrin
@Bill-CDBG is very localized, the ground work happens at the state and local level.
mike biggers
Locally we received CDBG funding, in only one of our areas we serve.
Derek Schroeder
Grantees when DOE is saying it means States, Territories, Tribal Nations, and District of Columbia
Chris Brandau
Why do Davis Bacon wages only apply to multi family projects and not to single family units?
Erica Burrin
@Jacqui-EECBG has its own formula grantees', so those local EECBG Grantees could certainly work with the local and state weatherization network.
Erica Burrin
@chris-just how the legislation was written. No insight into the wording in the BIL.
Aimee Gendusa-English
NCAP is happy to facilitate introductions with our network wherever possible. Please reach out to me at aenglish@communityactionpartnership.com.
Corie Anderson
Thanks all!
Derek Schroeder
Thank you, WAP network!
Aimee Gendusa-English
Great job!
Barbara Pazos Almada
Thank you!