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Geriatric Addiction rounds - Shared screen with speaker view
Jan Boyd
Thank you Barbara for an amazing presentation of your journey!
Marilyn White-Campbell
Thank you Barbara for sharing your story.
Jan Boyd
Julie - thank you for underscoring the importance of collaborative work!
Amanda Leduc
Just wanted to offer up an extra resource that may be helpful, there is an app called the 30 day Alcohol experiment that is focused on the scientific side of drinking with daily lessons and supports that may be of assistance to those living in the community where AA may not be an option. Could prove useful also for the non geriatric population in effort to assist in future prevention from the side effects from Alcohol use as many have been affected with excessive Alcohol use due to the pandemic.
Anna Cullar
We ask that participants please take a few minutes to complete our post-participation survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QY369Z2
Anna Cullar
Upon completion of the survey, a certificate of attendance will be sent to you.
Rebekah Churchyard
Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for sharing your story! Your story warms my heart. I am wondering what were some of the most helpful things to hear (or questions) from professionals supporting you when you were contemplating change?
Marilyn White-Campbell
thank you Barbara and Julie for sharing with us "what worked" Was the use of anticraving medication
Marilyn White-Campbell
its not for everyone but when it does can be helpful
Marilyn White-Campbell
Thank You Dr Dydik I want to share with the attendees what the current low risk drinking guidelines for older adults. https://ccsa.ca/sites/default/files/2020-07/2012-Canada-Low-Risk-Alcohol-Drinking-Guidelines-Brochure-en_0.pdf
Shane Parsons
I have to go to another meeting! Barbara and Julie, great job! Well done! Try, try, again! Slips happen with substance use, and the more we are willing to learn from mistakes made will help grow mentally and physically! Congrats!!!
Simonne Cumberbatch
Thank you so so so much for the bravery and honesty of your sharing with us today Barbda
Anna Cullar
Nicole Didyk
Thank you everyone