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CANSSI/SSC Cross-Country Tour with Gabrielle Simoneau - Shared screen with speaker view
Nathan Ngongo
Welcome to the SSC/CANSSI Co-Sponsored Cross-Country Tour with Gabrielle Simoneau. Please note that this session will be recorded. The recording link and copy of the slides will be sent after the session.
bridget neville
Love these figures!
Joanna Mills Flemming
Nathan Ngongo
The Q&A Session is about to start. If you have any questions, please raise your hand to speak or write them in the chat.
bridget neville
I was curious how you did the matching. Was it in R or SAS and what package/procedure did you use?
Grace Kwong
I was wondering if have done a typical analysis including all 3 treatments and comparing the results between the 2 methods? Thank you for the interesting presentation!
Grace Kwong
Thank you!
bridget neville
Thank you so much! Great job!
Nathan Ngongo
Thank you for attending this session. The recording link and copy of the slides will be sent after the session.You can find information about the next event with Lisa Kanary on December 16, 2022| 12 p.m. PST and register here: https://canssi.ca/news/tour/Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, to stay up to date with future SSC & CANSSI events and opportunities: https://twitter.com/CANSSIINCASS
Tammy Jiang
Thank you Gabrielle for this amazing presentation!