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BC First Nations Emergency Management Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephanie Rocheleau- Lands & Stewardship Dir.
AMAZING music. Thank you
Nicole Norris
Huy ch q'u Si'em for starting us off in a good way
Leisa Hassall
ƛekoo ƛekoo for the prayer, song, and good energy this morning-Leisa Hassall Tseshaht
Mariah Charleson
Good morning all, Hesquiaht lady representing Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council from unceded Tseshaht and Hupacasath territories :)
Casey Larochelle
good morning from Snuneymuxw First Nation territory. Am the Emergency Planning Coordinator at Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council. My thanks for the prayer and good words! Looking forward to learning lots during this forum.
Daniel Kempling
Greetings from the Taku River Tlingit First Nation, way up here in Atlin
Kayla Pepper
Good morning from Tk'emlups te Secwepemc territory. Thank you Elder for the beautiful opening and Dan for holding space for all of us today. So grateful to be here with everyone.
Natasha Callbreath
Chacholoine Hotie , Natasha Usheye Good morning my name is Natasha , I am the EMC for Iskut First Nation in Tahltan Territory
Tori Verkaik
Good morning everyone from Tk'emlups te Secwepemc territory. I represent Skeetchestn Natural Resources.
Teri Kish OMVC ESD
Hawa'a from Old Massett Village Council Emergency Services Department Haida Territory
Mary Crocker CRC Observer
Good morning everyone. My name is Mary and I am honoured to join you today from the unceded territory of the Lekwungen people, comprised of the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations.
Allyson Rowe
good morning everyone....thank you elder Baker for your beautiful song and prayer. Please note that Christiane Fox's title is Deputy Minister, Indigenous Services Canada
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Good Morning, very happy to be here. Joining you from the traditional territory of the Ta'an Kwach'an, and the Kwanlin Dün First Nations in the Yukon
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To all participants...feel free to rename yourself to include your Title_Names_FN/Organization
Char Etzerza
Bilhaa dm ne'ex calling in from the Ts'msyen Laxyuup territory.Char Etzerza calling in from Prince Rupert.
pamela johnson
Good morning everyone from Wuikinuxv TerritoryI am the EMD for the Wuikinuxv Nation on the central coast of BC.
Stephanie Rocheleau- Lands & Stewardship Dir.
I'll be back shortly
Jenni Murray
good morning everyone, grateful to be calling in from the unceded traditional territory of the Lheidli T'enneh.
Jesse Waldorf - shishlah Nation
sincere apologies, I am currently on an emergency local EOC call. hoping to be able to come back tot his call shortly.
Michelle Jacobs
She:kon good morning! Michelle Jacobs, Mohawks of Akwesasne, EPC calling in for the Upper Similkameen Indian Band. Thank you for hosting this wonderful forum!
Brenda Bear
Tansi, Ekosi for the Morning Opening Prayer and Song. I am with Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, Honoured to be here on the Forum and be representing my Community
RoseAnne Archibald
Thank you for invitation everyone. Have a productive meeting. Take care.
Valerie O'CONNAL
Holding my hands up to Kukpi7 Judy Wilson for your message. Mussi cho for your support of emergency management in our communities. Thank you Dan George for holding space for this important dialogue. I am joining you from Neskonlith Indian Band territory.
Allyson Rowe - RDG, Indigenous Services Canada
Amazing video that shows the great work that FNESS does...thank you Wayne!
John Somogyi-Csizmazia (Semihamoo First Nation)
My apologies I have been doubled booked this morning at 10 am for another Zoom meeting but will be back in an hour's time.
Chief Justin Kane, Ts'kw'aylaxw
Covid in community will also have reason to activate EOC we are still in a pandemic
Susan Napoleon
sorry I double booked myself will be back tomorrow
pamela johnson
what was the word he used, hydrometric?
Kukpi7 Robbins
Crisis and Recovery, it has been continuous, training for Guardians, Health Care and Fire fighting with emergency services, full time Recovery and Emergency funding, year round, with winter around the corner, there will be avalanches, guaranteed, in the Fraser canyon.
Johnathan Alec
give him another minute.
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Yes. Let him finish
Valerie O'Connal, Tmicw Director, Neskonlith Indian Band
MUSSI CHO for your truth and candour Chief Pat Michell!!!
Rebecca Hutzan (Public Safety GOC) Observer
Johnathan Alec
pamela johnson
Johnathan Alec
thank you for those words, I needed to hear that
Char Etzerza
THANK YOU!!!You will never speak loud enough!
Natasha Callbreath
Meduh (thank you) for that presentation
Tori Verkaik - FIT Skeetchestn Natural Resourcces
Thank you Chief Michell for your words!
Krista Perrault
The frustration is real across all our nations thank you for speaking out! Chief Patrick Michell! ! heart goes out to you and membership and community. its hard not to keep the emotion in tole when we hold/ in these positions hands up to you
Michelle Jacobs
Thank you Chief!
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Thank you Chief Michell
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
Thank You Kukpi Patrick, Great Words, I hope those agencies listen
Donna Aljam
Lytton Strong. Jason
Chief Patrick Michell
Hi all - thanks for listening. For me - my greatest stress, anxiety and anger flows from "$". I'm still working so I am able to pay bills and I was debt free since age 40. Since June 30, 2021 I have now expensed so much not only for my family but also the other evacuees and borrowed so much - at last count - I'm 170K in debt and thats before my family starts cleaning the house and land and rebuilding our 6 bedroom home and its two bathrooms and the porch on the back and the mudroom on the front - which is about 750K. That means my legacy to my children now is now a potentially a million in debt - not assets. For on reserve - I will need a federal guarantee to get a mortgage and for the off reserve - they will need a provincial guarantee - there can be no resilient rebuild without.
Tori Verkaik - FIT Skeetchestn Natural Resourcces
Thank you Councillor Robertson
Char Etzerza
Thank you.Counsellor Robertson
Valerie O'Connal, Tmicw Director, Neskonlith Indian Band
Mussi cho Councillor Robertson. I hold my hands up to you and your community.
Krista Perrault
no need for sorry Councilor Jason Roberson, this is real life situation, Thank you for sharing your experience HANDS UP TO YOU will smudge you, membership and community. for all that have been effected
Irene Mills, EMBC
Haaw'a Councillor Jason Robertson for sharing
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Thank you Jason
Iris Siwallace - Nuxalk Councilor
our prayers are with you Jason Robertson, and the Nations..
Shane Wardrobe
Thank you for sharing Jason.
Kukpi7 Robbins
tkelt Kukpi7 sending prayer to all those still impacted by Crisis.
Krista Perrault
Creator lift our heavy hearts
Councillor Jason Robertson Lytton First Nation
Thank you everyone, aside from losing our lively hood. The love and support shown and given is greatly appreciated. Gratitude is given to those ones who put their lives on the line to ensure communities in our nation remained safe. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.
Yale First Nation Rhonda George
I have another meeting I will be back after lunch. Thank you Chief Patrick Michell and Councillor Jason Robertson for sharing.
Tori Verkaik - FIT Skeetchestn Natural Resourcces
My apologies I have been doubled booked this morning at 11 am for another Zoom meeting but will be back in an hour's time.
jerome jack
I have to go to our office brb
Valerie O'Connal, Tmicw Director, Neskonlith Indian Band
Chief Michell, Can you please share with us your recommendations on how to start building resilient homes and buildings and safety-building our communities.
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Chief Byron Louis:
Krista Perrault
in our community even though we're implementing and moving forward with a FireSmart community this will take time and funding. if we are not FireSmart emergency agencies will not even look at the home. residents don't have funding to make the drastic changes to their home in order to become FireSmart. build back better need to make the at the upper levels with CMHC
Erica Louie
question for chief Byron Louis. how is OKIB planning to implement prescribed burns to protect the community
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Chief Byron Louis:You mentioned communications being a big problem this year for you and those around you. After the summer that you experienced, do you have any suggestions or tips on how to improve communications prior too, during, or after an emergency?
Romona Baxter
A question for each panel presenter. Upon personal reflection on your lived experience in helping the people, what (if anything) would you have done differently?
Valerie O'Connal, Tmicw Director, Neskonlith Indian Band
Councillor Jason Robertson: Would you support First Nations Leadership encouraging EMBC to alter the processes regarding how an activated First Nation EOC reaches out with resource requests or EAF’s, in order to alleviate their workload and to access other trained EPC’s in other First Nations. In addition to create a strategy to allow other First Nation EPC’s to assist another First Nation remotely (online) as needed.
Cheryl Casimer_First Nations Summit
I recall in previous discussions that the issue of compensation for farmers/ranches was a concern in that resourcing was made available to non-indigenous farmers/ranchers and wondering if anything has changed that has provided the necessary supports to our first nation farmers/ranchers?
Chief Patrick Michell
Communications - we got up a temporary cell tower on wheels up and running (known as COW) and will be replacing with a permanent cell tower and battery storage ($875K) in next 6 months so that if/when Fraser canyon towers go down - we wont lose signal (cell and wifi).
Krista Perrault
agree 100% regarding all the food security situation
jeremiah Louis Takla Nation
How have each communities evacuees been impacted by hotel shortages due to hotels prioritizing tourism over local evacuees.
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Thank you Chief Patrick Michell, I am interested in the temporary cell tower that you had up and running so quickly. That seems like a great band aid for interim solutions as emergencies arise
Chief Patrick Michell
FSS - kanaka is advancing aquaculture next. Kanaka has cleared and levelled the land - we now have the raw water storage and we will start with 2 tanks with greens on top (closed loops systems) estimated cost 300k) and 50K per tank in expansion.
Tribal Chief Matthew Pasco
Question from Ramona BaxterNNTC gave its information on evacuees to EMBC with the understanding that we would be working together on populating the data. This would help ensure that we could quickly provide resources to best help those in need. Ultimately, we did not receive the help from EMBC and thorough data was not obtained for several weeks. Next time, we will ensure we keep developing the data regardless of whether the Province helps.
Chief Patrick Michell
COW - call Telus or get your own COW...we enaged (beat the crap out of Telus) because we did not know that Lytton was a hub....that services go past Kanaka and then are feed back...so when Lytton burned - we lost service.
Tribal Chief Matthew Pasco
To Cheryl. My father submitted receipts for losses on the Elephant Hill fire. We were the last ranch and last community to receive power. They provided us nothing. The ranch is still fighting to survive today. Huge losses
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Thank you very much Chief Patrick, I will look into it further. I appreciate you sharing your experiences
Tribal Chief Matthew Pasco
and yes, the non-Indigenous ranchers received significant financial relief
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Thank you Chief Byron! Well spoken and recieved
Pamela Johhson Wuikinuxv Nation EMD
thank you chief Byron, hit the nail on the head!
Chief Byron Louis Okanagan Indian Band
Thank you Nick
Chief Byron Louis Okanagan Indian Band
To Erica Louie, our members have been undertaking traditional burns for decades with the understanding that it must be done in accordance with our traditional practices of the use of fire. We are not in discussions with the Province about undertaking traditional burns across our communal and adjacent lands
Health Director Charlene Webb Kitsumkalum Band
Thank you Dan. Chief Byron Louis mentioned "Communication". As a Health Director, when we had a wild fire in our Region, I reached out to Tahltan Nation how we in Kitsumkalum can support. Once they were able to return home. I have reached out to their Health Directors to ensure we are supporting and are there for them in the future. I like the idea of "Chief committee" please lets continue moving forward with supporting each other. When we are in Crisis.
Chief Patrick Michell
FSS -permanent regional EOC or resiliency centers where professionally staffed permanent officers assist with the years extreme weather events (awareness, planning and responses) and where large quantities of food, water & temporary shelters are stored - its where you go in an emergency...
Diana Norgaard
Thank you for your comment Kukpi7 Draney about not doing this from the cracks of our desks. Doing so was a killer for some of Coldwater staff, fulfilling their EOC responsibilities and also their day-to-day jobs. I'm hearing some commitment to advocated for fully resourced dedicated positions,: Guardians, strike teams, emergency managers. my hands up to that!
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Thank you again Chief Byron.
Tyrone McNeil Sto:Lo Tribal Council
Just a reminder that on the Town Halls over the summer, there was support for Chief Maureen Chapman to conduct a review similar to the two Abbot/Chapman reviews. this needs to be done under FN terms, not government only terms. This conversation helps build the broad mandate of the review that is required and could easily be purposed to lead to a new tripartite relation on EM.
Kukpi7 James Hobart
as an active part of the daily on the ground support for all of the canyon communities, my hat goes off to Jason Robertson for being in the communities even during his off time. I know the members of each community has spoken of your involvement and generosity.
Chief Byron Louis Okanagan Indian Band
Link to agreements and reports of emergency management https://news.gov.bc.ca/stories/canada-british-columbia-and-first-nations-leadership-council-sign-tripartite-memorandum-of-understan
Chief Maureen Chapman Skawahlook First Nation
Thank you Dan for keeping us on track - hands up! Thank you to our Elder Bob Baker for calming our hearts and minds in order to do the work before us. Thanks to National Chief Roseanne for attending one of the important issues to BC leaders. My hands are up to all of the Chiefs, Kukpis and leaders for keeping this issue on the front burner. Addressing the New Normal: 21st Century Disaster Management in British Columbia first recommendation of 108 states: Establish Indigenous Peoples as true partners and leaders in emergency management by including First Nations from the beginning and at all levels of planning, decision making and implementation. This report does not have all of the answers but it certainly speaks to many of the issues raised in this meeting and previous meetings. I fully support Chief Spahan's recommendation for a Chiefs Committee for Emergency Management. Chief Maureen Chapman
Valerie O'Connal, Tmicw Director, Neskonlith Indian Band
Mussi cho Chief Maureen Chapman for sharing.
Chief Patrick Michell
What worked - Jason Robertson took my texts and calls every morning and let me know during the day updates and then at the end of the day - we debriefed and signed off until tomorrow. I had Jason - thank you Jason. I'm sane today because of you (lol).
Chief Patrick Michell
FNESS - maps and updates in daily emails. I thanked them every day - as I had timely meaningful information that was not Facebook gossip. Than you Brenden.
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Thank you Chief Darrel Dranney, those are all so necessary
Susan Anderson Behn Semiahmoo
It would be helpful if everyone added their community name to their Zoom link. Semiahmoo has done it, but others could.
Romona Baxter
so long as we are required to respond within a colonial structure, we will always struggle.
Chief Patrick Michell
Lytton rattlers are "let go" until next fire season - keep them working year round doing forest fire Hazard reductions on reserve, municipal and regional lands and FireSmarting with individuals and families. The people like jason and Chad and Scott exists to future proof our homes are already on the ground - quit letting them go as seasonal workers..
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
Are all presentations going to be distributed for everyone on the call ?
Dan George - FDMS
The planning team will make available the presentations to the participants
Nick Mauro (Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Great t ohear
Carli Pierrot, Skeetchestn Natural Resources
hello, could I get someone on IT/hosting to DM me please?
jeremiah Louis Takla Nation
railroads have to remove the expired ties as well as the waste brush fuels in their right of way
Lillie Johnson- EOC Esketemc
One time funding is always appreciate but somewhere we should be able to fit in where we can go back to ensure that the program/Project is successful.
Chief Patrick Michell
Reminder - I suggested that our regional Fire Fighting teams (ours is the Lytton Rattlers) that are "let go" be asked to stay year round to treat lands that rated high and extreme. - on reserve, on fee simple and on ROW lands working our from homes and urban centers.
Pamela Johnson Wuikinuxv FN
FNESS is amazing and the work you are doing. but I'm just wondering when will we as first nations be able to make these decisions for ourselves and not have to go through third parties to "unlock substantial funding". with reconciliation being the governments main focus we should be able to advocate for our own needs.
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
railway regulation on fire prevention https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2016-317/FullText.html
Carli Pierrot, Skeetchestn Natural Resources
I don't know how to give a thumbs up in this format, but if I could 👍 Pamela's comment, I would.
Lenny Joe - Nlaka'pamux Nation
Sorry I was on a call but wondering if anyone asked the following questions?1. How accessible is LIghtship for communities. 2. If so how do bands access it and how can bands develop capacity to utilize the LIghtship Program.
Teri Kish OMVC ESD
Getting funding through FNESS for FireSmart is a long process. There needs to be a faster less complicated way to get the funding for fuel management out to the communities faster.
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
considering Transport Canada typically "consults" with Canadian Railway Industry, Labour Organizations and Provincial Governments it is similar to what the NEB was. The NEB had too close ties to industry. they revamped that legislation to the CER Act, which distances and separates regulations from industry. we should explore a similar initiative for railway regulations
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Why is the Union of BC Municipalities controlling Fuel Management funding targeted to First Nation communities? The community I serve (Nadleh Whut’en First Nation) have seen nothing but “administrative harassment” from the UBCM.
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
Recommendation #41 of the 2007 Railway Safety Act states "The rules of the Control and Prevention of Fires on Railway Rights of Way are neither effective nor enforced, nor do they provide for an adequate process for compensation. Since these rules involve third parties, they should be replaced with regulations.
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
It has been a concern with FN, Security and welfare of the communities, FN security check points also needs to be funded.
Susanne Weber EMBC
I would like to acknowledge the significant challenges the pandemic has caused and continues to cause for your Nation Kukpi7 Fred and every other Nation
Valerie O'Connal, Tmicw Director, Neskonlith Indian Band
The graph highlights EMBC received 13% for Service Agreement, what does this entail, what “services” do they provide to First Nations?
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
Part 3.3 of Bilateral DIAND 3 states: Emergency Preparedness – EMBC will ensure that First Nations are included within theprovincial preparedness programs to ensure that First Nations have complete access to anyprovided capacity building initiatives, tools and resources. These programs will be equivalent withthose that are accessible by and provided to provincial local authorities: is there a report on state of "equivalency"?
Kayla Pepper EMBC
Web page Dave speaking to: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-management/local-emergency-programs/indigenous-emergency-operations
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Great question Tyrone
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
The purpose of this MOU is to establish a process whereby the parties can workcollectively to advance meaningful recognition and enhanced capacity of FirstNations within all pillars of emergency management (i.e., preparedness, mitigation,response and recovery
Mariah Charleson-Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council
Is there a list of members on the TWG? Does the TWG report out? Thanks
Lenny Joe - Nlaka'pamux Nation
I need to step out for a few minutes. I am impressed with the symposium. Great work everyone in getting all of us into this virtual space!
David Diabo Assembly of First Nations
How much funding will be apportioned to First Nations through the Trilateral Agreement?
Joanne Charles Semiahmoo First Nation
followup to Robert Phillips comments We should also include BNSF railway (USA owned rail company) should be included with CN and CP
Heidi Dunstan
How can we improve EM services to First Nations?• How could communication be improved?What other structures or processes are needed?• We know we can do better – what are the steps to achieve that?
Chief Maureen Chapman Skawahlook First Nation
Re: Abbot/Chapman Report - Indigenous, community and professional knowledge - Recommendation 31 - Establish pathways for collaboration with First Nations to enable the integration of traditional ecological knowledge with Western science. Ensure risk modelling is built upon a greater understanding of the land base, values and practices of First Nations. Rationale: We believe that traditional and local knowledge can complement and strengthen western science.
Cecile Brass
Name Organization or CommunityJaimi Gardner ISCKen McDames Jr. KitselasDonna Aljam Nicomen BandEdna Boston Xatśūll First NationChief Maureen Luggi Westbank First NationTim McCann ISCLindsay Tighe Lower Nicola BandDarryl Adrian Lillooet Tribal CouncilMargaret Charlie Sts'ailes NationAnthony Moore Nisga'a Lisims GovernmentPaul GadboisPaul Sam Red CrossJuan Cereno Nadleh Whut'enPaul Gadbois Semiahmoo First NationRon Lampreau Jr Simpcw First NationAlison Lomon Ktunaxa NationHugh Braker Tseshaht First NationBrian Moore Tsilhqot'in National GovernmentJamie Jeffreys EMBCJaime Sanchez BCAFNColin Braker FNSLinda Morven Gitwinksihlkw First NationJeremiah Louis Takla Lake First NationWayne Schnitzler FNESSDean Colthorp FNESSSarah Kent FNESSBeth Herie EMBCKayla Pepper EMBCRuth Fernandes EMBCDave Peterson EMBCCarol McClintock EMBC
Cecile Brass
Pardon the formatting issue!
Char Etzerza Tahltan
Char Etzerza EMBC
Nicole Norris, EMBC
Nicole Norris EMBC
Mariah Charleson-Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council
ƛ`eekoo ƛ`eekoo
Larry Price FNESS
please provide FNESS with contact information and we will help you.
J. Louis Takla Nation- TEMWG
Jeremiah Louis TAKLA NATION
Chief Patrick Michell Kanaka Bar FN
What is the meaning of consent - a favorite question of mine to Canada and BC's AG. I point out Article 32(2) of DRIPA. I now have started sharing "Let Justice prevail though the heavens may fall" as a way of highlighting inherent jurisdiction - if Canada and BC can not say no - then the indigenous people will bear the brunt of a no - you cant do that. That's will happen if the land or resource use (past, present and future) exacerbates Climate Change and Extreme weather events. Now - if you want to talk about projects and programs that are harm reversal, harm reduction and exemplify transition, adaption, resiliency and collaboration - now that's going to get a yes.
David Carson FNESS Assoc member
Recognizing jurisdiction must at some point address enforcement and adjudication. Is bridging the legislation gap on reserve, let alone territory, being brought along in these negotiations?
Carli Pierrot, Skeetchestn Natural Resources
Flooding is the next big threat for all communities who have already suffered so much with the fires.... Skeetchestn has already seen flooding, and the evacuation only ended 3 months ago
Health Director Charlene Webb Kitsumkalum Band
I have to step away to take a call and I will rejoin thank you.
Gilbert Vickers Saik'uz first Nation
chief nelson you there
Teri Kish OMVC ESD
Hawa'a Chief Lee! The EOC's from all the FN communities need to be heard as we where the ones having to deal with the outcome of all the decisions made from government agencies regarding our communities. All the meetings we where gaslite in for hours about services and government responses. OMVC ESD is very grateful for Jaimi Gardner for allowing a space to communicate with each other for the last 20 months. We need to be able to communicate with each other to serve our communities better and on a larger scale. All those that join the meeting have helped each other with many issues. The best part is there is no red tape to do this. HAWA'A
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
The deeper conversation on FN participation needs to be with all FN interested
Jaimi Gardner - Indigenous Services Canada
Thank you Kukpi7 Spahan for your question regarding funding surrounding the Guardian Program. Enclosed, please find a link for the funding program. For more information, please contact the Indigenous Guardians Pilot team by email at ec.gardiensautochtones-indigenousguardians.ec@canada.ca. https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/environmental-funding/indigenous-guardians-pilot.html
Tyrone McNeil STC, TEMWG, EPS
I need to step off for about 15 mins for granpa duties. gotta pick up granboys and drop them off at baby sitter. I will be back (think of that in Arnold's voice)
Andrea Stelter ISLBB
Moving forward capacity building for EM for each community needs to be considered as essential and supported as well. There are all of these funding opportunities for mitigation and preparedness yet no support (in the form of a funded community based EPC positions) to manage and administer the funds, thus this work tends to fall of the desk. A conversation also needs to be held regarding recovery activities, specifically timber harvesting and the process for inclusion of FN and our concerns.
Teri Kish OMVC ESD
Hawa'a Jaimi!
Char Etzerza EMBC (Tahltan FN)
Lillie Johnson- EOC Esketemc
`And not forget the Independent bands that believe in Preparedness and prevention.
Chief Patrick Michell Kanaka Bar FN
I received in the mail "a yellow tie" - the eternal flame of optimism is back :)
Cecile Brass
Please email me if anyone needs further information. cbrass@fns.bc.ca
Gilbert Vickers Saik'uz first Nation
feels like the north is left out
Irene Mills, EMBC
Haaw'a everyone for all the great work
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Thank you Dan
Mary Crocker CRC Observer
Thank you all for a great day!
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
O'Siem, to all thank you for sharing and your time!
Alison Lomon Ktunaxa FN
Thank you
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire)
Have a safe night everyone