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Metro Trains Melbourne's Role in City-Shaping Projects - Shared screen with speaker view
Clive Dwyer CFM
Download the CFM report on Integrated Transport in Melbourne. 'Turn up and Go' is becoming a reality!https://melbourne.org.au/news/transporting-melbourne-a-call-for-an-integrated-transport-plan-for-greater-melbourne/
Laura Kerr Surah
The Committee for Melbourne Annual Survey can be accessed here: https://form.typeform.com/to/pIHMD8Dy
Clive Dwyer CFM
Thank you all, we will wrap up and leave the site live for five minutesClive
Chrissie H
Station car parks - these are just not keeping up with the demand for rail transport, especially in outer suburbs, e.g. Mernda line. What role does Metro play in ensuring the car parks aligned with railway stations are a) large enough, b) well-maintained and c) secure (cameras, regular security checks...? Passionate train traveller
Kanav Batra
Thank you all for this session.