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Library Building Project Advisory Committee Kick Off Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mai J. Lo Lee (she|her|hers)
Here is my question, just in case there is not enough time: Appleton Public Library is located in a predominantly White city, what is the approach that SOM is using to ensure that captured data is reviewed with an equitable lens? Are there plans to have focus community groups? Or to go where underrepresented populations are?
Mai J. Lo Lee (she|her|hers)
I have to leave at 6:30pm.
Julie Michiels - SOM
Thanks Mai, this is an important question! We are hoping that some of that will come to the front here with this group and we will also be expanding our public engagement in the near future and are working on what that looks like still, so we will be able to give you a more clear answer soon!
Liz Neuman
In case time runs out - I'd like to understand how the survey was distributed? I received a link for an online survey. Approximately 34% (or higher) of seniors do not have computers. And those that have computers - may not take the time to take a survey.
I'm wondering what the sustainability plans are for the building and how that will be measured. Are you thinking a LEED certification, WELL, Fitwel?
Julie Michiels - SOM
Liz, a quick check on the statistics of the survey - 28% of the respondents were age 65+. That seems like good news! But if there is another way to reach the senior community, let's discuss how best to do that.
Mai J. Lo Lee (she|her|hers)
I have to go. Until next time.
Liz Neuman
Julie - that is a good response. We did put the link in our email blast. We could provide "hard" copies to our participants. Just let me know.
Julie Michiels - SOM
Heather, we are looking at LEED and WELL as guidelines, not sure what certifications we will pursue specifically just yet. Our high performance design group is currently looking at various systems and studying daylight opportunities as well!
Sara Wayland
As an AASD Library Media Specialist, I am excited to see and plan for spaces that our students would love to be in! I know that APL has some awesome programs but I would love to offer the chance to get more feedback from students, teachers and parents of what they may like to see in spaces. I especially love the HO-MA-GO!
Liz Neuman
One last item - and it's a nit - instead of naming it "Customer Service" - could it be "Guest Services"
Julie Michiels - SOM
Sara, we are excited for this as well! There was the recently completed Teen survey as well as what looks like good turnout from folks who are visiting with children of various ages, so hoping we have started to capture some of that point of view and hope to share more along the way!
Jason Fisher - SOM
Hi Heather, just to add to the sustainability question: as a design firm we have very ambitious goals for sustainable solutions that reduce carbon, reduce energy consumption, etc. By choosing to renovate, we are already going a long way to reach our sustainability goals. It takes roughly 80 years to offset the overall carbon consumption of a new building compared to a renovation!