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CEDS- Health and Wellness - Shared screen with speaker view
James Van Leeuwen
“The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy." ~ Peter Drucker
Natalie Gibson, InnoVisions
Yes, of the nine community assets identified, two are around people as the asset (skills, abilities, demographics, etc.) and community spirit (champions, values, programs, and project inspired by the people.)
Carley Herbert
Thank you so much for having me present. Have a great rest of the day!
Marie Everts
Thank you so much Carley!
Diane Burt Stuckey
Aside from the community contributions, were there staff involved with delivering or promoting these initiatives under this program?
Diane Burt Stuckey
Meant “committee” contributions.
Patty Richards (she/her)
Curious to hear if Dr Parker or Kent Rupert have any comments on value of proximity to natural areas - does that formally factor into strategy development on health and wellness?
Marie Everts
We are a proud fibre community! Not sure what's going on up at the hospital :D
Julie Davis
Hi all, I can speak a bit to Carley's presentation and Pincher Creek's health professions attraction and retention committee and possible opportunities for capacity building, collaboration and partnerships.
Patty Richards (she/her)
Doctors can now prescribe access to nature with the Parks Canada Discovery Pass to patients through the national nature prescription program…https://www.parkprescriptions.ca/blogposts/announcing-a-new-collaboration-between-parx-and-parks-canada
Marie Everts
Thanks for the link Patty! I think Dr. Gavin mentioned that Alberta is still working towards this. Great to see some other Provinces going this direction.