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ACR/TDM Advisory Group #3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rob George (he/him)
Rob George, Joint Venture Silicon Valley - Bridge to Recovery
Maria Seara
For Sustainability and health, under Source, you could add Get Healthy San Mateo County data portal http://www.gethealthysmc.org/data and SMC All Together Better Health dashboard http://www.smcalltogetherbetter.org/
Patrick Gilster
Great suggestion Maria!
Malahat Owrang, RWC-Senior Transportation Planner
can you show the criteria slide
Malahat Owrang, RWC-Senior Transportation Planner
can you show the criteria slide?
John Ford, Commute.org
Same criteria for planning projects? Might be challenging for a Planning Project to show "effectiveness" in terms of VMT reduction. The planning is what may determine the effectiveness or lack thereof.
Joel Slavit
Curious to know what the difference might be between the SamTrans equity priority areas and equity priority areas identified in C/CAG's bike/ped plan and if that could also be considered
Patrick Gilster
Joel - We've been coordinating with C/CAG in an effort to align those as best as possible before ReImagine is adopted. In a comparison we've done, the results are very similar though!
Benjamin McMullan
I feel that effectiveness and equity should go very much hand in had. That is why I'd hate to take away from equity to add to effectiveness.
Chanda Singh (she/her), SMC Planning & Building
Agree with Benjamin. I like Patrick’s suggestion to keep as is and continue evaluation and creating a more robust and consistent way that evaluation is conducted.
Belen Seara (she/her) Health Policy and Planning Program
Thank you!
Rick Nahass, Pacifica Climate Committee
Thank you
Clarrissa Cabansagan (she/her)
Thank you!