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Aynsley Jones - Cranbrook Town Council
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Lisa.Emmanuel, West Bletchley Council
Good morning from West Bletchley
Janet Harrison
Neither do I
Lesley Crawford
Lesley Crawford, Tavistock Town Council
Claire Briault Liskeard Town Council Climate WG
Go to Participants find yourself then do it through MORE
Helen Boffy Ashover Parish Council
I can’t hear Claire G
Helen Boffy Ashover Parish Council
Can now
Farhana - NALC Support staff
Thank you everyone who has just joined, please ensure you are on mute to avoid any background noise. Please could you also change your display handle with your full name and organisation name. If you have any questions please send me a message. Thanks Farhana
Claire Goldfinch
You can see the document that Sandra was talking about here: https://policy.friendsoftheearth.uk/reports/20-actions-parish-and-town-councils-can-take-climate-and-nature-emergency
Laura Cutter
Hi, sorry I was slightly late. I am the Deputy Clerk from Haydon Wick Council and covering for our Clerk (Georgina Morgan-Denn)
tony deakin
Tony Deakin, Kirby Muxloe Parish council, Leicester
Duncan McCanlis here - couldn't find how to change my 'handle'. I am a Porlock Parish councillor.
Jonathan NALC
Welcome everyone - 100 delegates. Wow. Remember to use chat function to pose questions and share good practice!
Cllr Jane Williams Todmorden TC
Can these slides be made avail so I can pass on to colleagues
Farhana - NALC Support staff
Slides will be circulated after the meeting
Cllr Jane Williams Todmorden TC
David McKenzie Broomhaugh and Riding Parish Council
Really helpful. Thank you!
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Hi, LRALC and Wildlife Trust have promoted Biodiversity Training for Parishes in Leics. This has been well received. Perhaps something that could be offered nationally.
Claire Goldfinch
You can access the NALC climate change case study document here: https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/climate-change
Katherine Owen Blachere Illumination UK
Blachere Illuminations are the only company in the world that can offer you biodegradable lights , so this is a topic we are passionate about .
Kenneth Saunders Cllr Highworth Town Council
Do you have any suggestions on how to effectively get the message out to the wider community on how we can work together on a cohesive policy to tackle climate change
Duncan McCanlils, Porlock PC
Should we be jumping over the electric car investment and go straight to hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure?
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Do we have time, electric vehicles are already underway in industry? How far along is the hydrogen car from development to being available on the market?
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
Absolutely right Peter!
Mark Underwood Bayston Hill Parish Council
Peter, what did participation look like in Frome?
Claire Goldfinch
Frome Town Council website - https://www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/your-community/resilience/climate-emergency/
Cllr Bill Thorne Kingsteignton Town Council
Has anyone ever seen a replacement for cement being used anywhere successfully? As you can imagine I am looking for some big ticket stuff that is actually going to make a significant difference quickly. Transport is already doing what it can - we need electric lorries then there will be something done. Heating systems for domestic households what do we think can be done here? Good presentations and looking forward to the slides in due course.
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
Houghton Regis Town Council has begun to adopt some of the same principles as Frome sine 2015, when we had 4 Independent Town Councillors elected.
Claire Briault Liskeard Town Council Climate WG
Should we thinking more about changing the mindset of having ones own personal transport, the pandemic has shooed so many back into their cars. Not me I might add I'm still on trains buses and bike and legs.
Cllr Bill Thorne Kingsteignton Town Council
what was Peter's book called again?
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
I’ve been pressing for a Community Fridge for 4 years 🤦🏼‍♀️ And Share Shops,
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Thermal imagining cameras can be used to track ground -nesting birds too, one ringing group is using one to track the movement of birds to really provide better data to feed into Neighbourhood plans about use of important habitat.
tony deakin, Kirby Muxloe PC
Our Local District Councils are actively backing off from declaring a climate emergency. Why do you think this might be and what would be the best "selling point" to try to reverse this train of thought
David McKenzie Broomhaugh and Riding Parish Council
Inspiring stuff!
Lucy Bull
Become a Refill champion! It’s easy and it’s a fantastic way of getting people to start refilling and putting your village/town on the map
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
Oh, the single use bottles! Drives me nuts! At our Carnival this year, we were going to invest in using a bowser to offer refills, but obviously everything has been cancelled and we never got to do it. The theme was going to be ‘Green on the Village Green’ ☹️
Peter Macfadyen
https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000mn4n/extinction-the-facts Attenborough's filmhttps://edventurefrome.org/enterprises-initiatives/fridge/https://sharefrome.orghttps://www.flatpackdemocracy.co.uk/
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
Yes Lucy, another thing that’s being put into our Town Council 4 year plan
Justin Griggs
Bill, I think Peter might have referred to Flatpack Democracy 2.0
Fiona Hewer, Henley Town Council
Can you direct me towards a good example of a strategy that links activities to measures of success (in delivering net zero by 2030)?
Marion Hine
Is a town Carbon Audit a difficult thing to do, and do local people respond well to this idea?
David McKenzie Broomhaugh and Riding Parish Council
there is a huge network of churches throughout the UK (world?!) who are committed to protect God's creation. I see that Christian Aid is involved and that faith leaders are 'signed up', but there is a massive resource of committed people here who just need inspiring. Any plans?
lisa courtney
we in process of doing a carbon audit with a company called Planet Mark - work in progress. we took the view that we needed to measure our starting point first.
Geoff Hope - West Monkton Parish Council
Why are we not hearing more about hydrogen power initiatives? The Keele University programme has proven that adding just 20% hydrogen to the gas supply reduces CO2 emissions significantly. Battery powered vehicles are all very well but nobody has yet done an analysis on the 'cost' to the environment of production and disposal of batteries. Geoff Hope
Sandra Bell
our briefing on hydrogen may be useful https://policy.friendsoftheearth.uk/insight/role-hydrogen-our-low-carbon-transition
Marion Hine
Is there a model practice for car sharing scheme - so many cars are occupied by one person!
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
I’m loving this discussion! I’m getting all sorts of ideas to bombard my Clerk with later! 😉
Lisa.Emmanuel, West Bletchley Council
West Bletchley have completed a carbon footprint audit and a biodiversity assessment from which we are now planning and delivering projects/ improvements etc from an evidence based perspective. we have already introduced recycling bins through teracycle, issued wildflower seeds to households, introduced signage for wildflower verges and are currently investigating installation of solar panels and better insulation. Frome's examples were very helpful when I developed our action plan
Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Council
Please don't bombard the Clerk! We've already got a great deal going on! thanks
Clara Goldsmith, The Climate Coalition
https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/home-truths-report - this is the report I mentioned
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Hi Lisa, Is the local Highway authority changing the cutting regime?
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
HAve you heard of the Blue Heart Campaign for verges?
Clara Goldsmith, The Climate Coalition
https://thetimeisnow.uk/declaration And here is the Declaration I mentioned
Lisa.Emmanuel, West Bletchley Council
Hi Lucie, we have taken on the landscaping under devolution and yes, we are preparing an Open Space Strategy which will identify different practices in terms of grass cutting etc according to the location - we wanted the biodiversity assessment to feed into this document too
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Naturepsot have undertaken a species review of verges being looked after by parishes in our area. Many were not to the local wildlife site standard but were good for species.
Cllr Tracey McMahon, HRTC
Houghton Regis Town Council have been considering multi-use bins which include dog waste collection, as we have a lot of dog fouling in town (hey do people chuck their bags in trees?), but the problem we are having is what happens after collection? It’s no use having all singing, all dancing waste receptacles if it all just ends up as general waste rather than being sorted properly. Should we be pressing for a more comprehensive system, rather than just the cheapest contractor?
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
You still have to collect the verge waste and dispose that does cost money/resources but needs further testing. More local composting sites would make the disposal more efficient. However, sites need to meet regulation and be managed.
Marion Hine
Will Nalc ask county councils to incentivise solar panels on business premises - supermarkets, schools, industrial barn like units, halls all have large roofs and not many have solar!
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Plantlife.org.uk provides great info on managing verges for biodiversity reasons. To maintain good grassland at one cut in the autumn is key and cuttings collected to reduce nutrients in soil preventing many wildflower species from thriving
Olivia - NALC Support
Survey Monkey link for climate change event - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T33YQFV
Claire Goldfinch
Lucie Hoelmer Burbage and LCC
Great presentation, we all have do our bit.
Nick Baker Laverstock and Ford Parish Council
Lisa- do you know who West Bletchley used for their survey?
Lisa.Emmanuel, West Bletchley Council
IBECCS - Ian Byrne - was very good and easily understood!
Alison Arthur Crowborough Town Council
Can we access the recorsing if we want to listen again to bits?
Alison Arthur Crowborough Town Council
lisa courtney
will you share the video recording of this meeting please
Helen Boffy Ashover Parish Council
Any advice on improving climate change in a rural farming area
Lesley Crawford, Tavistock Town council
can you also include the links from the chat box please
Cllr Jane Williams Todmorden TC
Could you also send the links that Peter has put in
Nick Baker Laverstock and Ford Parish Council
Thanks Lisa
Peter Macfadyen
You can save the chat with the three little buttons on the bottom right.....
Lisa kinnaird
Thank you very inspiring
Tricia Cavill West Monkton PC assistant clerk
Thank you very much and goodbye
Olivia - NALC Support
Survey Monkey link for climate change event - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T33YQFV
Cllr Riva Elliott — Hemingford Grey PC
Thank you speakers. Very useful and makes a small parish councillor feel empowered.