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In conversation with Webber Wentzel - Shared screen with speaker view
Angela Lorimer
Morning Enver! Looking forward to a great session. Angela SAACI WC Chair
Barry O'Donoghue
Any move to require a "vaccine passport" i.e. coercion of vaccinations should be opposed.
Barry O'Donoghue
When considering / determining whether a country has reached herd immunity, surely prior infection and recovery as shown through seroprevalence should be taken into account along with the percentage that is vaccinated? Herd immunity has always been defined as a combination of natural and vaccine derived immunity. Individuals who have recovered from prior infections have been shown to have antibody cover at a level equivalent to that of the vaccine.
Barry O'Donoghue
Companies should consider doing antibody testing of staff to see who has been infected previously and is therefore at very low risk of reinfection and/or illness (alongside those vaccinated). Many countries are even reflecting this on their version of "covid passports" as a category alongside whether or not vaccinated.
Barry O'Donoghue
Will an employer take responsibility for and/or be held liable for any significant or debilitating side effects/death from the vaccine should these arise, if vaccinations were made mandatory by the employer? If not, why not?
Barry O'Donoghue
So basically... they won't get paid out by anyone
Barry O'Donoghue
Thank you for the information all
Thank you!!
Lisa Karner
Thank you this was most informative!