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Faith Lutheran Worship - Shared screen with speaker view
Cyndi Musar
I seem to be having a microphone problem! I'm not shy about sharing but don't seem to have the tech capacity right now. Will dig about to see if I can find a solution...
Pr. Jenna (Bergeson) she/her
Sorry about the tech struggles, Cyndi!
Pr. Jenna (Bergeson) she/her
Feel free to share any comments/questions/sharing here
Eileen Reichert
Testimony is how you behave to be true to your word.
Cyndi Musar
In the unchurched PNW, even stating that you have a church community is the start of testimony … and sometimes awkward
Eileen Reichert
When I was ride sharing on a ride home from PLU the driver said he no longer believed in God. I shared my story of questioning when I was in high school, when I wondered if God was laughing at all the "Christians" who would stand up and sit down and kneel for worship to show we were Christians. Then it occurred to me that if God is laughing, at all of our formal gestures, then He/She exists. 😇. A few years later at graduation that student approached me and said that he had changed his mind and had faith that God exists, and we benefit from faith. So we do not need to preach to people, just share our stories.
Cyndi Musar
Speaking of Blood Drives ... next pop-up Blood Drives at Faith are Wed 8/3, Thr 8/4, Tue 8/9, Wed 8/10 … sign up through the Bloodworks NW website.
Pr. Jenna (Bergeson) she/her
How is God calling you to witness and testify in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the ends of the earth today?
Eileen Reichert
I will be leaving for a family event.
Kathy/Rick Brandstetter
Growler Guys
Thanks all of you, I'm going to sign out!
Cyndi Musar
Thank you, everyone! Sorry my microphone has failed but so enjoyed your thoughts and sharing.