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Teeny Tiny Economic Development Summit - Inspiration Loves Company…how do we attract, inspire and retain volunteers? - Shared screen with speaker view
Lizanne Gauthier
Morning Lizanne Gauthier From the Venture Centre in Timmins
Pat Van Geleuken
Pat Van Geleuken from Lucan Ontario. I love to see people in my community become successful and united. I sit on the CEDC committee for Lucan Biddulph & am interested in how we can get new volunteers - especially from new residents as our municipality has grown a great deal in the last few years. I also sit on the board of directors for Middlesex CFDC & on the Ontario CFDC Board representing the Western Ontario Region.
Kari Partridge
Kari Partridge - Township of Selwyn - passionate, dedicated people can make a positive difference
Anne Leduc
Good day everyone! Anne Leduc from North Glengarry. Looking forward to a great Summit!
Nick Kinkel
Good Morning! Nick Kinkel, OMAFRA In Norfolk County! Volunteering to make my community a better place :)
Good morning! Prudence Cameron-Jordan, Community Program Co-ordinator with the Township of Asphodel-Norwood.
Meredith Forget - Perth County
Good Morning Everyone - Meredith Forget from Perth County
Liz O'Gorman
Liz O'Gorman. Joining from Russell, ON. I volunteer with agricultural societies. What inspires me is promoting agriculture and sharing information with the increasing number of non-farm people in our community
Melanie Kempers
Melanie from the Ontario Beekeepers Association in Guelph, working with a volunteer board of directors and volunteer committees within our organization. Inspired by my mother who offers her time preparing meals once a week for those in need in her community.
Sydney McCourt - Perth East
Good morning! Sydney McCourt, recreation & community development coordinator for Township of Perth East. I am a lifelong volunteer with various sports clubs and the Atwood Lions. I also support the volunteer organizations in my role and am excited to learn how to better support them!
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
I love working with my close friends, rebuilding our rural civil society, breaking through silos, lifting up young leaders, and learning dynamic governance / sociocracy.
Terry Rees, FOCA
Terry Rees, Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations. Rural and remote communities rely on community members to make their areas safe, fun and inclusive - and volunteering is a fun way to contribute and make things a little better for everyone!
Sheila Currie
Good morning, Sheila Currie here from Wollaston Township. I'm an active volunteer in many organizations and currently running for Councillor.
Jay Amer
Jay Amer, Executive Director, Ontario East Economic Development Commission ontarioeast.ca Volunteering in various capacities for over 30 years. Just back from EDAC in Kingston, we hosted OEMC in Cornwall 2 weeks enjoy but always enjoy Teeny Tiny Summit's uniqueness - look forward to being live again.
Marylee Boston
Hello from Fenelon Falls. Volunteering has given me the opportunity to experience so many new things and meet great people!
Joan and Hans
HansWerner-Mackeler, CEMC, from Augusta Township, To learn more about volunteering.
Elisabeth Dupuis - Economic Development coordinator for the Township of Fauquier-Strickland. I am looking forward to learning since this is a new posting for me
Heather Owens
Heather Owens Campbellford Seymour Agricultural Society. Love being a part of my small community and sharing ag with everyone you wants to learn and participate
Vince Brennan Manager - Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Stirling Ontario working with over 200 Agricultural Societies in Ontario Working with Volunteers build communities
Aya (Creative-Communities)
Ayako Macdonald (Aya) - Creative-communities in Glencoe - I’m a new resident in Canada. Volunteering gathers and grow people through community and land based learning.
Good morning ALL,, I am pleased to work along side so many wonderful volunteers with Maxville Manor. As the VC, volunteers provide numerous services and support to mainly seniors living in LTC HOME and support services to surrounding communities. Excited to learn and hear new and exciting strategies to attract and offer rewarding volunteer experiences.
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
Wow. Thank you, Karen. That is the best land acknowledgement I have ever heard.
Serena Viola (OMAFRA)
Serena Viola- Agriculture and Rural Economic Development Advisor OMAFRA- I am excited to be here and learn about volunteering
Carly Wright
Thank you Karen; personal and professional.
Vince OAAS
Tyendinaga township was my home township in Hastings County
Katie Nolan
Good morning everyone! Happy to be here and looking forward to the session.
Deron Johnston (he/him)
Thank you Karen!
Vince OAAS
well said Karen
Good Morning All, Deborah Mathias from Graham Creek Farm in Clarington. The farm hopes to engage with volunteers that want to experience and assist us on a small working farm with goats, ponies, gardening and engage with the public
Kelly Maloney, Kawartha Lakes
Hello from Kawartha Lakes. I'm the Economic Development Officer - Agriculture. I grew up with volunteerism ingrained in my being, whether it be with community club, heritage society, agricultural society, breed and commodity organizations, or church. Being a helper is just how I was 'born and bred'. I believe that the start of volunteerism begins at home, and so we all need to be mindful of how we can include children and youth in our volunteer roles.
Jeanette J LGSBC
Good morning, Jeanette from the Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre w the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Happy to be here.
Barb - Perth
Good morning! I work for the Perth & District Agricultural Society, volunteer with the Maberly Fair, many agricultural education activities, 4-H and 2 local hockey programs. I'm inspired by all the people I meet in the various organizations I volunteer with.
Natalie M - Dryden Chamber
Boozhoo, I'm Deanna from Dryden. I work with the Chamber of Commerce and volunteer as a director with the Dryden District Agricultural Society, as well as 4H (new!), the local soup kitchen, community garden, recreation committee and Metis Council.
Karen Fischer
I am Karen Fischer, from OMAFRA...I have over 30 years in community development and have seen, over and over again, the power of volunteers in teeny tiny places...and bigger places too! I am an avid volunteer in my community. Amazing outcomes have been achieved by volunteers.
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Thank you for your introductions! If you joined late, please share your name, where you are joining from and why you volunteer. This chat is making me smile with the wonderful introductions.
Jennifer Christie’s iPhone
Is the article “Bulling alone” or “Pulling alone”?
Mary Lichty
Good morning - I am with the Wellesley Township Fall fair as the secretary treasurer. I am also running for council in Wellesley Township as a ward councillor. Taking some time off the campaign trail to listen to this zoom call
Boris Emanuel
Brent Emanuel here with Love Your Neighbour Communities. I have been in social development and support for 35 years locally and international which are two different worlds as it relates to volunteers and community engagement
Amanda Peckham
I forgot to say I am a director and 2nd vice president with Hanover Bentinck and Brant Ag. society, Ontario Association of Ag. societies district 10 Director, 4H leader, community volunteer. over 25 years volunteering in my community..
Glen Macfarlane
Good morning everyone! Glen Macfarlane, Rural Economic Development Specialist with the Region of Durham. Very excited to be here today! Volunteers play such a crucial role in economic development in our small towns. Looking forward to learning how we can engage them even more and build capacity!
Carmen Robillard
John McKnight - Building communities from the inside out :)
FCLMPB Executive Director
I do not currently volunteer but did in Dryden, see someone is here from there. My new role is very involved in community and was very interested in this as Asset Based Community Development plays a role in how we do what I do now which is planning for Workforce Development. I have been involved in asset mapping in past and is a hot topic in my meetings. Thanks for putting these on, I am in and out of meetings but will take in what I can.
Carmen Robillard
Carmen Robillard, Program Manager with the Ontario Trillium Foundation ... check out our upcoming Community Resilient Fund (deadline to apply is December 7th). Recruiting, training, retaining, recognizing volunteers is a fit with the fund :)
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Thank you Carmen for sharing!
Carmen Robillard
oopps.. Resilient Community Fund https://otf.ca/our-grants/resilient-communities-fund
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
This set of tools is helping us restructure and rebuild. It's so much easier to start from scratch than overhaul existing organizations. https://www.sociocracyforall.org/
Boris Emanuel
Love your Neighbour Communities mission is to revitalize people and rural communities through housing and social enterprises. Really love this but have to step out for another meeting.
Carmen Robillard
check out Love my Hood movement : https://www.lovemyhood.ca/en/index.aspx
Clarence Pinkney
Serena Viola (OMAFRA)
Thank you so much Heather! Working with volunteers to fit into community work that works with their schedule is key- I found myself volunteering more during the pandemic because I had virtual options and did not have to worry about travel.
Theresa Whalen
Will we get a copy of these slides afterwards?
Heather Keam-Tamarack Institute
Belonging= known + noticed + missed
Jennifer Christie’s iPhone
Thank you Heather! I’m so inspired and want to know more! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m past President of the Paisley Chamber of Commerce and passionate about community building. I’m currently running for Deputy Mayor on a platform of place based growth and positive change.
Heather Keam-Tamarack Institute
@Jennifer Christie you can connect with me at heather@tamarackcommunity.ca if you want to chat more and visit our website tamarackcommunity.ca
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Yes the presentations, resources and recording will be available. They will be posted on the website - https://teenytiny2022.omafrabdb-events.ca/agenda/ If you log in, select the date of the event, and look for the watch now button, that will allow you to view the recording. To find the slides, scroll down and look for "session materials", there you can download all the slides. If you have trouble accessing materials, just send me an email and I can help you out. Carolyn.puterbough@ontario.ca
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
That is a neat example of having the real estate agents share the community organizations and how to connect.
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
I forgot to share earlier the link to the full biographies for all of today's speakers - https://teenytiny2022.omafrabdb-events.ca/speakers/
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
Who decides on the task?
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
I will share this link again later after all the speakers (and in a follow up email) but please take time to provide the feedback on the Teeny Tiny Summit https://forms.office.com/r/aJgE9uTEbP
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
It's very difficult for the old guard to let go, A role for us change makers to figure out strategies and tactics to lift up the new leaders. We evolving the whole volunteer sector. Let's all read Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.
Heather Lalonde
Unfortunately I have schedule conflict, thank you for sharing your expertise and experience, but most importantly thank you for caring about your communities. Look forward to the recording. All the best!
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Thanks for dropping in Heather!
Agreed, agreed, agreed.
Jennifer Christie’s iPhone
Such an awesome success story!! Thank you Tim for sharing!!
Sheila Currie
Thanks for coming to Bancroft! Mamma Mia and other shows terrific!
Serena Viola (OMAFRA)
Mama Mia! What a success!!
Petra Wolfbeiss - AMO/ROMA (she/her)
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
We have all been there - no worries :-)
Karen Fischer
Enterprise Facilitation ...a really great entrepreneurship support system. Ripples From the Zambesi by Ernesto Sirolli.
Mary Lichty
Thanks so much - I must run for an appointment - looking forward listening to this call later
Heather Keam-Tamarack Institute
It was such a pleasure to join you all on this call to talk about an important part of any community-VOLUNTEERS!! I am inspired by the panel and keep up the great work in your communities.
Vince OAAS
congrats Tim and team
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Any questions for the panel? Or if you have a lesson learned to share, that is also appreciated. Thank you!
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
How are Boards of Directors performing? Sounds like good governance abounds in the Board rooms of our panelists!
Marylee Boston
I really liked Tim's comment about he does the less desirable tasks alongside his volunteers. I think this is key to volunteer/employee retention.
Deron Johnston (he/him)
How do you reward/thank/appreciate your volunteers as a group? Do you have a standard thing that you do or do you try to find creative and unique ways to show your appreciation.
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
There are a lot of examples of performing arts community getting it right! Aeolian Hall, Mary Webb Centre, Petrolia Theatre. Let's copy.
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Here is a question that was sent to me directly - Do you think there may be a struggle with your local councils to broaden their recruitment of volunteers, perhaps due to having to them having to somewhat isolate themselves due to Covid?
Stacey Jibb
Can anyone speak to how they handle the challenge of succession planning in community based organization? Its great when there is a strong leader who can mobilize volunteers with their plan/vision but what happens if that individual or the leadership moves on?
Jeanette J LGSBC
What's the name of your org, Tim?
Carmen Robillard
sounds like it would be eligible to OTF RCF funding
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
One more question sent to me directly - Have you ever encountered conflict between volunteer organizations and equity-deserving groups who have felt excluded or discriminated against? How have you created better relationships?
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Tim's organization is Tweed & Company Theatre.
Theresa Whalen - Nuffield Canada ED
Did someone mention that there are grants to help pay for paid staff of volunteer orgs? If so, please repeat what they are. Thanks.
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
Our community has lost so many organizations because they didn't do succesion planning or strategic planning. So few are left when you compare the state of rural civil society now to 50 years ago. And then COVID took out a few more.
Tim Porter
t's called the Canada Ontario Jobs Grant. Available until March 31st. The company we use is called Clearview consulting. They are Ontario wide and can apply on your behalf.
Mary Simpson & Ayako Macdonald, Creative-communities
https://www.sociocracyforall.org/ has provided us with an answer to this question. A system.
Stacey Jibb
Thanks for all the comments and insights - some great takeaways!
Serena Viola (OMAFRA)
Thank you!
Katie Nolan
Thank you to the wonderful speakers and organizers. What a great session!
Karen Fischer
OMAFRA has a great series of factsheets for Effective Organizations...http://omafra.gov.on.ca/english/nfporgs/factshts.htm
Karen Fischer
We also have a strategic planning resource guide. http://omafra.gov.on.ca/english/nfporgs/strat_plan.htm
Karen Fischer
Have you ever encountered conflict between volunteer organizations and equity-deserving groups who have felt excluded or discriminated against? How have you created better relationships? Perhaps we can address this question in our next Teeny Tiny Summit on November 30, 'How does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion support Community Economic Development?'
Are there fees to engage with this volunteer centre supports
Karen Fischer
This is a great tool that I have used extensively to help understand the current state of your Board...and can be used as a benchmark to measure your progress. http://omafra.gov.on.ca/english/nfporgs/94-005.htm
Carmen Robillard
Amanda Peckham
the last slide wasnt up long enough to grab contact info!! thanks Heather!!!
Carolyn Puterbough (OMAFRA)
Heather JohnsonDirector, Volunteer Haltonhejohnson@cdhalton.cawww.cdhalton.ca Please do take time to provide your feedback on this session - https://forms.office.com/r/aJgE9uTEbP
Amanda Peckham
thank you Carolyn!!!
Charlene - LDCC
Thank you for all the information and fantastic ideas!
Denise Corneil
Thank you for all the great information.
Anne Leduc
Thank you for a very informative session!
Karen Fischer
Please do take time to provide your feedback on this session - https://forms.office.com/r/aJgE9uTEbP
Terry Rees, FOCA
Thx for another great TTS!
Jennifer Christie’s iPhone
Thank you so much for putting these on. They’re so valuable and so relevant. It’s great know we’re not alone plugging away!