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Types of Assessment Strategies - Shared screen with speaker view
Maureen Kwasniewski
To make sure the students are learning
Maureen Kwasniewski
We use kahoot all the time. The kids love it. But we have a lot of kids that struggle with written tests. Sometimes it's a struggle with reading, sometimes it's with anxiety
Patti Ortmann
I use a checklist for students as they complete pieces. In the end they usually create portfolios of knowledge or group projects that use multiple components of what they learned in cless
Jorden Strapp
Speaking of assessment across different subjects, if there are any other science people I am a big fan of the Page Keeley strategies for science
Patti Ortmann
I use autonomy as a draw
Maureen Kwasniewski
We do a lot of hands on assessment. The students do much better with than with written assessments.
Patti Ortmann
Students take control of their learning early on in my room. We follow a procedure that gives them time to share their work
Julia Maddalena
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