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Service and Advocacy for Delaware’s Latin@ Survivors: Why access to multicultural, multidisciplinary, trauma-sensitive services is important - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathleen Kelley (she/her)
The shortened link to the downloadable Statewide Resource document is: https://bit.ly/3x044r0
Nina Morales-Perez
The one challenge we are seeing is the ability to have Spanish speaking attorneys who will accompany clients to court at no/low cost for divorce and custody.
Bethsaida Acosta
It was a mistake I will write my comments.
Meghann Karasic
We continue to encounter language access issues.
Jesus Vazquez
Good morning. When calling the police to the victim's house to make a police report, officers who do not speak Spanish don't call the language line and they delay the whole process of filing a the police report
Jessica Rivera
Limited resources for mental health counseling in Sussex. Waitlist can be extensive and there is very few counselors that are Spanish speaking. Transportation is also an issue which at times can be a barrier for victims to get services.
Bethsaida Acosta
My biggest issues working in this field is the situation lived by the victims when they call for help and the person going there does not speak Spanish. It is hard because sometimes if the victim uses someone from home to translate the real content of their report can be miss. Another issues is when the clients call DV hotline for shelter. Even though they have Spanish staff client said they can not get help.
Bethsaida Acosta
I want to know if this kind of discussion can be open to the public ? If that is possible LACC could provide the space. We could organize a big event to involve our Latino Community. In that way they will be able to know their rights and the resources available.
Bethsaida Acosta
I want to announce that LACC is having a job fair on 4/2/2022 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Location Manuelita Olson Building 301 Harrison St Wilmington DE 19805
Kathleen Kelley (she/her)
The shortened link to the downloadable Statewide Resource document is: https://bit.ly/3x044r0
Nancy Castellanos
Thank you ! great workshop. I like the idea of more collaboration.
Kathleen Kelley (she/her)
To check out this and previous VSC recordings, visit: https://cjc.delaware.gov/victims-services-conference/
Jessica Carino
Jessica Carino
The video of the lideres Latinas
Bethsaida Acosta
Excellent presentation.. We are working to empower our Latino Community. Together we will be stronger.
Kathleen Seipel
Can't wait to learn from them!
Bethsaida Acosta
Bethsaida Acosta DV LACC direct phone number 302 494 6260
Kathleen Kelley (she/her)
More information and the downloadable brochure which includes the application link can be found here: https://cjc.delaware.gov/dvaa/