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CAFE TAC Presents: So You’re Ready to Work, Now What? - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Hogden
Berkeley California 50 degrees here in sunny california
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hi im in Selma 40 temp
John Ferrone
Hastings, Nebraska... 4 degrees. Windchill -13
Ken Collins
Hello from cold Gallup.
Loran Harris
South Dakota -8
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Danielle Keath
Meery Christmas & Happy Holidays from Watauga Texas Sunny & 47 degreesI am a Recovery Support Peer Specialist & Mental Health Peer SpecialistI am employed with Recovery Resource CouncilI am here to gather information to help my Peers with information that may help them to find employment.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
-8 might be our winner
Latishia Crouche
Greetings all, SUD & Jails Services, Virginia CSB, R-CPRS
John Ferrone
Something to keep in mind with these questions... the company may not ask these exact questions. But if you have prepared answers for them and you are very familiar and practiced with your answers, then you will be able to adapt to their questions and "plug and play" with your answers based on what they're asking. Being very comfortable with your answers allows you to use bits and pieces of them and to combine them as you answer whatever they've asked. So, the point is to have answers for this core questions, and be able to adapt your answers to whatever questions are asked. Don't be nervous if they didn't ask the questions you've prepared answers for.
Ken Collins
Sounds like being pro-active is important
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Definitely, Ken!
TY, yes, I'm ok.
Ken Collins
Great Thanks
John Ferrone
Talking about yourself can be a challenge. It's often the most difficult hurdle for people. So... two things: 1) They want to hear what you have to say, and they are expecting you to say the positive things--so, you're not bragging... you're telling them what they are already expecting to hear; and 2) The more you can tell stories that helps them perceive you genuinely, the better... so, practice telling your stories out loud, looking in the mirror, with your family and friends, with your dog or cat or fish... just start talking out loud about yourself.
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Yes, practicing is a great idea.
John Ferrone
Reference strategy: When you ask someone if you can ist them as a reference, be sure to ask, "Would you be comfortable providing a positive reference for me if I list you as a reference?" Do NOT assume they will be positive... so you have to ask them that question.
John Ferrone
Compensation... remember that it's not about what you need. It's about what you're worth. If you need to make $50K a year, you need to look for jobs that pay that amount. You have no right to be disappointed if you take a job that pays $40K and your lifestyle needs $50K. That sounds obvious... but this is a mental trap that people often fall into. The underlying question, then, is: What are you worth? And how do you figure that out?
John Ferrone
To answer my own question above... you can go to Indeed.com and do research about the position you are applying for and see the salary ranges. If you can do that job (meaning you've done it before, or you've got the proven skills such that you could do it for the first time), then you are worth that salary range. If you're new to that role, you're probably on the lower end. If you've done that role successfully, you're proven and thus on the higher end of the salary range. If you have very specific strengths or attributes that truly boost your awesomeness, then you might be able to leverage that and get a higher pay rate, or a signing bonus, or other benefits.
Myrna Dukes
John Ferrone
Elise... can you talk about the style of how to ask those questions without coming across negatively? The employers expect to hear these questions... but how they are asked will give them a good clue about your personality.
John Ferrone
Too friendly vs being a piranha. How to find the balance?
Michele Koppinger
How to screen a toxic workplace?
Myrna Dukes
Mary Hogden
What was the name of the website again please
Michele Koppinger
"family environment" red flag indeed
Jeremy - CAFE TAC
Mary Hogden
Thank you
Loran Harris
thank you this is awesome
Great question re: volunteer-to-paid-position.
John Ferrone
In that contracting situation, I would bet that the organization did that so that the person is a 1099 contractor and the organization does not need to worry about employment taxes. Well, that might be their intent, but it could get both the person and the organizaiton into trouble with the IRS. If you as the employee are working ONLY for this one organization, then you are an employee, not a contractor. They need to pay employment tax. But maybe that's not the issue here. Just be careful of this.
John Ferrone
Elise... what about background checks... so much of the info in those bullet points will be learned via a background check. Typically, an org asks if you give persmission for such a check, and this check is becoming more and more routine.
Etsegenet Teodros
Yes a mock interview to watch.
Another content-terrific session! TY, Elise, Jeremy & John & participants' questions.
Ken Collins
Thank you for this very valuable information we can use to help people coming into the Hozho Center find meaningful employment.
Ken Collins