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Pederson's Q&A with Pederson's Natural Farms Vice President Neil Dudley, Anne-Marie Roerink, Founder at 210 Analytics, and Camilo Velasquez, Founder at The Baconer
Have you ever wondered where your food comes from?

Pederson’s Natural Farms Vice President Neil Dudley has over 20 years of experience in the industry, having worked his way from the ground up. Now he’s set his sights on shaking up more than bacon by inviting industry insiders in animal agriculture, food production, and healthy living to answer some tough questions about how food is made and its impact on our personal and collective health.

We’ll discuss everything from agriculture, sustainability, and animal welfare to transparency, diversity, philanthropy, and more.

It’s about corporate and personal social responsibility. Because we believe to be better, we have to do better.

Let’s listen and learn together.

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Anne-Marie Roerink
Founder @210 Analytic, LLC
She studies and reports on consumer behavior in the food industry! With years of insight, we all benefit from her perspective.
Camilo Velaquez
Founder @The Baconer
A Bay area family-owned business founded around BACON! He is on the ground floor of determining what and how they do what they do!